Deep Blue Sea 3 Movie Review & Comments

Rambo John J

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cut-price Scott Adkins acts like a sausage but is surprisingly nifty when going mano a mano :smashin:

It's much more entertaining than it deserves to be after the 2nd one


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Thanks for the review Cas.

I have a fondness for the first one; a bit of a guilty pleasure if you will. Wasn't aware of the second one and it sounds like there is no reason to bother trying to look it up. I'll give this third one a go though once it hits a streaming platform I have. Been a while since I saw even a half decent shark movie. Was really disappointed that the Meg went so PG. That could have been really good but felt very watered down.


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I need this in my life immediately........


I have such a weakness for shark films! Cheers for the review Cas, I’ll rent this when the price drops. I swerved #2 deliberately but can’t resist this after several “It’s surprisingly not awful” reviews, including this one!


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It sounds a lot like Tremors, first is great fun, 2nd, 3rd, 4th were garbage. 5th and 6th are back to what made the first one good. Enjoyed the first Deep Blue Sea but the second not so much. Might give this a whirl 👍

Casimir Harlow

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I think 6 is a bit high TBF 5 if I'm really pushed but definitely better than part2.
Agreed, extra point was for shark movie lovers - last line: "as shark movie selections go, it's the best option we've had in a while, likely nudging it up a point for fans of that sub-genre"


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This has to be in the top 10 worst films of the year.
Thanks Cas for the review though.


They should put that quote on the poster!
To be fair DBS1 is one of my all time guilty pleasures (I got a VHS rip for christmas in 1999 when I was 14 as well as Scary Movie :D).

But even though I can tolerate poor genre films the second one was so awful and dire I had 0 hopes for this but I they stepped up their game considering budget, actors and being a shark film....I found it entertaining and very watchable for fans of the genre.

Rambo John J

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to be completely honest... it's entertaining but you could be forgiven for thinking it's been released by Asylum as one of their mockbusters with a name like Deep Blue Water

I hate putting numbers on my film preferences, but for me it would be something like a 7. I eat garbage like this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I feel no shame in saying so.


shark movie sub-genre - one which, but for perhaps
- hasn't really had a noteworthy entry since
cough "bait" cough

General Skanky

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Difficult one to review.

First film was great. Second not bad. This one.... hmmmm. Samey.

Plenty of 'shark sandwiches' which was good. Guess the victim game abound. And when your other half starts to slate the hot women in swimwear running around, you sort of take more notice.

But overall, even with that, it was still, at best, a 5/10 or so film. One for a Saturday night when you are not going out and you fancy a beer?

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