Dedicated Wooden Outbuilding Home Cinema


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Or shed.

Although, I am hoping it will be more impressive than the image that "shed" conjures up.

I have been thinking of doing this for a year, since I waited 5 years for 55" Plasma upgrade from Kuro 42", and was disappointed. Along side the constant "turn it down" texts when late night watching, I thought it was time I moved out. To the garden.

I started with the Planning Permission "Permitted Development" rules - which proved tricky. And avoiding Building Regulations control too. I am looking to do this properly, but with little input from others. Unless AVForum members wish to contribute - that would be different....

Main Pics in this thread can be seen here :-
Dropbox - Home Cinema


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Initial drawing shows my garden, limited in a few ways. Sloping ground and large conifers.

But as you can see from the pics, gardening is not my thing.

A little clearing under the trees revealed enough space to build something in the dead space.


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I got some quotes to do many parts of the work, but for various reasons, I decided to have a go myself. I have ordered new chop saw, plane etc, so committed to this. I am pretty handy, so we will see how it goes. A good mate helped with making a plan - see attached Cad drawing I drew up from chat with him.

Due to the sloping ground, we decided on a 6 pad foundation. With 9"x3" wooden base plate all round, with 6"x2" joists on hangers across the width.

This was enough to get it started.


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    Floor Construction.png
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The floor construction.

Finished with OSB3 (18mm).


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Walls - starting to go up....over several days. Built on the floor, and lifted into position for front and back. Sides were built in position to size. 4" slope front to headroom was an issue - with the 2.5m head height planning limitation.


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So this is progress to date - hoping to get weatherproof soon, but days are drawing in through the week, and family commitments/exams/work etc will tie up weekends too - so time for more planning.

I am unsure about roofing material - looked at EPDM, but quotes are high. Not sure about Felt, under the trees, in terms of longevity. Though the trees shield it from the sun. Any suggestions are welcome.

I need to order Prorox SL930 Insulation for the staggered stud walls, along with OSB3 for the inside to bind the building together. The outside will be 44mm Loglap with a batten and the Tyvek Supro breathable membrane.

Equipment wise - I have plans for :-
  • 2.35:1 Acoustic Transparent Seymour DIY screen
  • Projector - looking for suggestions - is lens memory helpful - mostly watching BR's but may have 16:9 too. Looking at the Sony 40 or 55 at the moment.
  • AVR - Anthem, but I am protecting for Atmos, so it may go to Marantz.
  • Speakers - 5.2 with protection for 5.2.2 Atmos. LCR will be wall mounted - possibly false "dead" wall
  • Oppo 103D - may go HTPC instead/as well
  • SkyHD
All the above will be located in the rear "equipment room" - to keep noise to a minimum.

So I will be getting about to do some demos, once I have progressed enough on the building externally.

All comments are welcome, preferably before I get much further.....


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That floor frame certainly looks nice and sturdy. I would certainly go with three layers of 50mm insulation in the walls, will help keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, along with the soundproofing benefits.

Looking forward to more progress on this.


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Will be keeping an eye on this thread as I am about to go with something similar, although it think I will be ordering a 45mm log cabin, looking at 6x4m cabin as I can get one for about 2.5k and then just install some 50mm insulation. Still deciding what one or just to build it from scratch.. Anyway good luck with the build.


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I looked at buying too, but when I saw them in the flesh, they weren't what I expected, and layout was a compromise. Size, roof shape, windows, doors etc. I looked at more expensive ones, but it seemed to be re-doing the job twice. I'd be interested in how you go though - building this so far as been good fun. Still got 10 fingers...
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I've been wanting to do something like this for some time.
Done an awful lot of research on it myself re: foundations, stud work and insulation so I'm looking forward to seeing / reading the rest of the build....

JokerJack, where have you seen a log cabin for that price?
I can't find anything in that region, especially at that thickness.


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I've been wanting to do something like this for some time.
Done an awful lot of research on it myself re: foundations, stud work and insulation so I'm looking forward to seeing / reading the rest of the build....

JokerJack, where have you seen a log cabin for that price?
I can't find anything in that region, especially at that thickness.

Hi Talux - try Tuindeco : Log Cabins - you get everything even double glazing on the 45mm logs and above.. Gets great reviews


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Starting to put the Tyvek Supro breathable membrane in. Easy stuff to work with, very robust...stainless steel staples easily fix it in position. I ordered the 25mmx38mm battens to secure the membrane too - with dual purpose of ensuring a 25mm air gap to the loglap cladding (proposing QDeck).

Ordered 22 8'x4' sheets of OSB3 for walls and roof, along with rafters.

I bought 2 packs 75mm Rockwool SL930 insulation on eBay so I can see how it fits into wall. I should be able to see if 50mm works better.

And got two roofers quotes in today - within £50 of each other. Both recommending felt - but I have my reservations on longevity.


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Felt should be OK, we had our garage roof done a few years back with felt, they gave a 10 year guarantee. Not sure how long the existing felt had been on there though, but the garage is around 25 to 30 years old.


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Have a look at epdm rubber for the roof, looks great with no joints. I'm looking to replace my felt roof, soon with it.



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Each roofer has said felt roofs have come on in leaps and bounds, and much better than years ago. But I have heard there are two types of felt flat roofs - those that leak, and those that will leak.

EPDM installed costs are double that of felt...waiting for one more EPDM quote. I have the option of buying the EPDM material and doing it myself, for about the same as the Felt installed price. I need to get the OSB3 in position first, then decide. Thanks for your comments.

My remaining Truss clips have turned up today, along with OSB3 and rafters etc - but they are not the exact same ones. Slightly too big, without any webbing for strength. I'll end up using them, as I will lose a weekend otherwise. Slightly annoying.

I picked up the 75mm SL930, and put it in the staggered wall. It's pushing the Tyvek membrane out too much. I tried cutting a strip out to recess the insulation for the intermediate stud - but it just weakened it and made it fit worse. 50mm it is for the big order. I'll take the saving - 8 slabs a pack instead of 6.

Another mildly annoying thing - I am sure others will have made the same mistake - but I built my studs at 600mm centres. But the insulation is too big, as it is also 600mm. But if I had made the stud pitch the same as insulation - then the plaster boards would be wrong later....

I had a demo over at Epic Cinema last night too. Very impressed with the setup over there.


  • Truss Clip - wrong ones.jpg
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I'll watch this with interest. Superleedssub's build was very similar to what I was looking to do but if there's an options to avoid a tonne (or thirty) of concrete being poured and do something like this, it'd be well worth considering.

Can't wait for the updates...

Peter Parker

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Good looking and sturdy build. Nice touch having a staggered stud for sound isolation.

Are you going to build the LCR speakers into a baffle or have them free standing in a cavity?

Have you considered ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos? It seems to be getting rave reviews at the moment compared to normal surrounds. With Atmos the surround speakers are recommended to be around ear height so there is more separation between them and the ceiling speakers.

For my shed I was looking into 'shingles' or plastic tile effect sheeting. It looks like real tiles in the pictures:

Tile Effect Roofing Sheets,Terracotta,Plastic Coated,0.7mm | eBay



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Hmally - if you have experience with EPDM, let me know if it is as easy as some of the videos show it to be. A bit like plastering for me though, it's such an important part of the build to get right, that I was doubting I would do it as well as the Pros. But local flat roofers don't do EPDM, so I thought it might be because it was more difficult than it looks.

Laudrup - local builders both wanted to shutter up, and put 9sq.m of concrete down there. Very permanent! Plus access via steps for so much material proved costly in labour too. One quote was more in VAT than it cost for the 6 pad design (labour&material). 600mm cube of foundations - looks fine so far.

Gary - LCR actual speakers not decided yet, neither exact construction behind AT screen. I was contemplating a wall with Rockwool for a dead wall, but open to ideas. Just thinking of hanging the DIY fixed frame, which covers the width of the room, in front.
I will be protecting for 2 or 4 Atmos speakers by putting the wires in, but I had my heart set on the Anthem 2 months ago I will listen to demos, looking to get across to Gecko Forum day for a listen in 2 weeks.
Not seen those tiles before, need to look at them - see if suitable for flat roof. Could be an option.

Jag - I have paid for groundwork, the holes to be dug and filled. And my friend helped me Block, and a neighbour lifted my walls into position with me. Everything else is mine. But I am really enjoying thinking each stage through, no rush, no skimps, no budget! But I have got an xls tracker sheet for everything, so I know where the money is going. But not sure where it's ending up.

Finished the Tyvek membrane today, around the walls. Put truss clips in, rafters ready for cutting. I have battened out a small area at the rear, and put the LogLap samples in position, to check rafter position/overhang. Space is tight at the back, with the trees.


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Tight to trees.....


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I have no actual experience with it, just researched about it as I am going to do my flat roof. The reason I am going for it is, that it will have no joints so there should be zero chance of a leak. And looks very easy to lay down.



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I will look at epdm in more detail - i should just do it.


Battens in place at the back, with insect mesh. Rafters secured - not much progress, as I got rained off.

I have the OSB on the rafters, not secured yet. But with Tarpaulin in position it allows me to order the insulation - as I now have storage.


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Really interesting build as I am planning a very similar structure down my garden. I initially thought about breeze blocks as pads but then bought a 6" drill to drill post holes and fill them with concrete to act as a foundation.
I have fitted a rubber flat roof and it is dead easy, I used the cheapest 18mm plywood underneath, then a coat of the proper glue which is probably PVA, I got all my stuff from Permaroof as they had the edge trims which finish it off neatly. They also ended up being the cheapest, don't purchase from their site online as I rang them and got a better deal.

The trim is in 2 pieces you fasten the back first then lay the rubber over the top then clip the finishing front piece which traps the rubber giving a secure fixing and a neat finish, i used a rubber mallet to clip it together as it hurts using your fist after a while :)

There are 2 types of trim one has a lip so the water drips into the gutter the other stands up and acts as the edge.

As you can see in the first photo the only issues I ran into was dealing with the hip but you wont have that problem.


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Certainly looks flat and neat. Thanks for the pics, I think the no joint aspect appeals. With the debris expected from my trees, I would like the option of hose piping down the needles. That would be better with EPDM than felt.

I got my exam out the way, so hopefully can get everything ordered up to progress now

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