Dedicated Scaler and 720p?


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Hello all!

I am interested in a video scaler because my TV is doing a poor job of it. I have this issue when my TV is receiving a 720p or 480p video it will produce an oil painting like effect. The main culprit of this is my PlayStation 3. My cable box and 360 can scale just fine but my PS3 is unable to scale video games so it MUST rely on the TV.

Will a video scaler help out with the issue I am having? I want the scaler to do the scaling instead of the TV. Can any scalers upscale 720p to 1080p? I only see mention of 480p.

What is the cheapest scaled that can handle what I need?

Thanks for any help guys, Much appreciated!
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I didn't realize how expensive these scalers were! I was hoping to spend a few hundred dollars. Most of these are over $2000!

Is there any solution where I can buy a device (maybe an AVR) for a few hundred that will scale the image better?

Or am I better off getting a different TV. Here is the effect I am talking about.

Here is the image in 1080p

Here is the image in 720p

You can clearly see an oil painting/smudged looking image in 720p. This only happens in 480p/720p. The image is perfectly clear in 1080p/1080i.


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This is coming from a PS3 on a brand new Panasonic ST50. This problem rears its ugly head when the TV receives a 480p or 720p signal from the PS3. 1080i/p is fine. Now the ps3 doesn't have a hardware scaler like the 360 unfortunately. I'm assuming its a problem with the TV scaler and it is adding some extra effects to content below 1080i/1080p.

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I find it really, really hard to believe this is a scaling error in your tv. If both of these images are from a PS3, yet you say the PS3 cannot scale did you achieve these screen shots?

Have you got all the same settings on the tv set for both input signal types? ie remove all motion processing and noise reductions. On the screen shots there is a massive difference in the amount of overscan between the two images for a start.


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There is no overscan on those photos. I apologize for the quality but those were taken with a cell phone camera. One was just shot a bit closer than the second one.

You can set the PS3 to display the XMB main menu in any resolution you want. You cannot do this for games. The PS3 will display games in their native resolution. Some, albeit very few, games will allow you to FORCE 1080p, by unchecking 720p from your available resolutions on the PS3 settings.

I know a 1080p TV will upscale ALL non 1080p content to 1080p. Since the PS3 does not have in built in hardware scaler, the TV is forced to do the upscaling. This problem is not apparent in 1080p content as you can see from the above photos.

The 360 has a built in hardware scaler. I can set it to display games in ANY resolution I want whether or not it is the native resolution for the game.

I have tried adjusting ALL the settings and this effect does not go away. I even tried a different HDMI cable and a different HDMI input altogether. All the extra processing effects are off.

I tested this on a Vizio 1080p LCD and this is not a problem on that set. 1080p does look a bit sharper than 720p, but I do not see the "oil-painting" effect on the 1080p LCD.

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