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Hello All

As you can see from my post count, I'm a complete newbie here, so apologies if this has come up before. I have looked back through previous posts and have not come across anything so here I am.

Anyway, I am at the initial stages of creating my own dedicated HC room. (i.e. I've thought, "hey! we dont use the garage, why not turn it into a HC room!")

There have been some very good threads in here which I have read with great interest. However, one thing that people don't seem to mention is howmuch it all costs.

Now I completely understand if people do not wish to discuss this sort of thing. However, if anyone has gone through this, particuarly garage conversions, could give me an idea of how much it costs to convert (not including all the HC gear itself). Things like building walls, putting in windows, floor, soundproofing and cabling.

At the moment I am trying to get some kind of handle on what an average cost would be. From this I hope to set my budget and take it from there.

Any help greatfully appreciated and I won't be offended if you tell me to stop poking my nose into your financial affairs.




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Hi Gas

I am guessing but to get someone in to do the work i have carried out, (see other post). And to leave the room as a plastered shell (including all the soundproofing) might cost you around £6k. Totally depends on the amount of work required to transform the room though.

I have had the inside of the garage door properly bricked up, as well as bricked up the back door to the garden, and had a doorway knocked through into the Dining Room, just to give you an idea. Also i have used copious amounts of Rock wool which can soon mount in cost......



President Gas

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Luckily I will only need 1 wall building (after taking garage door off) with a window in that same wall.

Also a door into lounge. The garage is right next door to a little porch bit inside the front door where the main fuse box is located so hopefully electrical work shouldn't be too tricky.

I have some mates who are a builder and a plasterer so I might be able to come to an arrangement with them to keep costs down. Also, another m8 is a spark although he tends not to work on domestic stuff, mainly outdoor stuff for local leccy company.

It sounds do-able though. I want to have projection system so if I set a budet of say £10-15,000 would you think that reasonable?

Will be getting into the garage this weekend to measure up so will hopefully have a better idea of what it's going to take.

Thanks for the advice so far.




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Welcome Gas :)

Just remember to take pics along the way for us all to see ;)

President Gas

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of course!

will take while though as Mrs Gas (although enthusiastic about HC room) has managed to negotiate some double glazing too so I'm not expecting it to get done within a year. :(

Still, I have the green light and just need to sort out the dosh.

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