Dedicated player or a Shuttle?


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Hi Guys,

I'm looking at getting something to play my ripped (legal) media and wondered what I should do.

Given that most of the media players I'm looking at are in the region of £100, this would buy me a half decent shuttle from the likes of eBay and an MCE remote. I'm not too worried if the shuttle had an OS on it as I can boot it straight into XBMC. If the choice was yours, what would you go for?

Thanks in advance.


For me xbmc every time, although I would go for a nettop. Scan were selling an emachines AMD for £120. You also have the new xbmc eden about to be released. I tried a couple of the latest media players for around £120 and found they werefar more difficult to setup things like media scrapping and a video wall compared with xbmc.


The choice was mine and I went for a media player :smashin:

To me they are far easier to setup as the firmware is specifically designed for the hardware. They are silent in use as most of them don't need cooling fans and if streaming media don't need an internal HDD. Mine boots in approx 40 seconds which I would think is faster than even a PC with an SSD.


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