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Its finally time! One of the main reasons for buying my current house is that it has a second living room. Which I've been planning to convert into a dedicated cinema room. Its a single level room so above I have a small loft, perfect for all the crap I need to run. I have a few final bit of kit to buy and still a little unsure of the final room look with regards to covering the walls with appropriate acoustic treatments then finishing off with stretched fabric OR installing an aesthetic panelling that looks good and has some acoustic treatment properties.

The room is currently 4.5m x 5.3m (2.4m Hight) - I will be pushing one of the walls out by 900mm to create a 4.5m x 6.2m The additional 900mm is being created to house the LCR/Subs within a baffle wall. Structural engineer has completed drawings and I have a builder onboard to start in March to remove the wall.

Speaker config 7.2.4

Current kit:
Proj - Sony VPL VW760ES
LCR - Meyer Acheron Designers
Surrounds - Meyer HMS10s
Atmos: Meyer Ashby 8C
Subs - Meyer X800-C
Playback - Oppo UPD203 & apple 4k box

Receiver - most likely will go for the Lyndorf MP40
Screen - not sure about woven vs perforated - Aim to is to go with 16:9 with masks to create widescreen formats
Power distro - AC power distro will be done through 2 x MDUs from Canford
Room lighting / acoustic treatments
AC - aim to get a slim unit like the Mitsubishi EZ fit as this fits between the rafters. AC

Room Plan:

Baffle Wall plan:
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Cable labelling / Rack build

Been building my rack today - I went for a pennelcom - DONT! I thought i'd spend a little extra to get the quality. The lock doesn't align and the front door isn't square!



I ran in a 6mm power cable from the main DB into the rack. My sparky will put a completely separate 2Way MCB distro board from the incoming mains and separate earth for me. Its an old house with work done at different times, the earth is dirty and somewhere in the house the naturals have been shared! (I have tested the ringmain power on my subs beforehand and get a lovely hum!:mad:)

With voltage drop taken into account (its a long run) I will have a dedicated 20A circuit for the rack.

Luckily I have a utility room next to the cinema room, this shall be rack room :clap: I put in two white drain pipes to take the cables into the loft. One for power and one for signal. boom

Cables! Now who needs an excuse to buy a label maker!?! Its almost in the same league as a laminator. Nothing fancy with my cables, no £4,000 XLRs here (i'll get those in my upgrades :laugh:)


I'll update once I get the wall removed...


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This room has some serious potential.

Aim to go MVEL22 levels of black throughout, the space deserves it to be as dark as possible - you can also cover acoustic panels with it as it has pretty good AT qualities.

For the absolute best screen AT screen material, dreamscreen V7 is miles above anything else, matches perfectly with the Sony 760 as well.


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Hi. Thanks for the screen recommendation. Do you know where I can get this product in the uk, so I can get a quote? Cheers mate


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Hi. Thanks for the screen recommendation. Do you know where I can get this product in the uk, so I can get a quote? Cheers mate
You can’t mate, direct from the end manufacturer, Finland I believe.

honestly, upgrading to it was like upgrading projectors!!


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Wow impressive kit list, looking forward to seeing it progress, good luck with the build


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Looks great! The attention to detail in the plans is impressive - looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


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Cheers Mike! I'll keep updated...currently my builder has disappeared of the face of the earth! (the usual) So need to look for another and start that process again :mad:

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