Dedicated AV room (or not) and speaker suggestions...


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I’m currently debating with myself where to put our new cinema set-up, and wondered if anyone would like to give me some pointers concerning audio considerations (and anything else)! I have two options:

Option 1: Convert ground floor bedroom into AV room

Dimensions = 3m x 3m approx, door on one wall (off centre) window on perpendicular wall (centre), hard floor

TV and speakers would face the wall with the door, but off axis obviously in order to fit sofa in and give 8-9 foot viewing distance.

Equipment so far considered:

50” 2010 spec Panasonic plasma (V20 or VT25)
Denon 1910 amp
Q Acoustics 2000 series 5.1 set-up

- semi-detached house, and in both houses the ground floor is away from main living and sleeping areas (I’m a considerate neighbour :D)
- cheaper speaker set-up (I think it would be adequate?)
- Good wall for mounting plasma
- A dedicated set-up!


- New carpet to replace rubbish hard flooring and coving put up for aesthetic reasons
- Computer would need moving (could not rely on a laptop for work reasons)
- Second TV might be required for living room
- Sky would need re-routing (not necessarily a problem if Sky HD installed)

Option 2: Use lounge for TV set-up

Dimensions = 5.8m x 3.5m approx, door on long wall at one end of room, two windows on opposite long wall, laminate floor

TV and speakers would be on same wall as door, placing them on short wall at either end annoyingly is obstructed by the damned door!

Equipment so far considered:

50” 2010 spec Panasonic plasma (V20 or VT25)
Denon 1910 amp
Kef Q5SE
Kef Q2C
Q-AV Rear speakers
Not sure on sub-woofer?


- Room is used for same purpose as currently with existing Sky connections etc
- Speakers should match décor and wife likes the look of the Q5SEs :D
- Good viewing distance at 9-10 feet for SD


- vibrations on hard floor and transmission of noise to neighbours;
- wall chosen for Plasma mount is a stud wall;
- opposite window (which has solid wooden blinds on it);
- much more expensive speaker set-up
- no reclining sofa!

I guess the specific advice I have relates to the suitability of the proposed speaker set-ups, especially sub-woofers. Obviously if I went to buy, I’d get an audition, but it helps to know what kind of things I should look at.

Thanks for any advice offered.

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