DECT phone with best battery life?


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I know this isn't strictly a mobile phone query (although DECT phones are 'mobile' :rotfl: ) but I'm looking for a new DECT phone to use at my place of work that has the best possible battery life along with good functionality.

A few months ago I bought one of these as it had decent reviews everywhere I looked: Siemens Gigaset C595 Single DECT Telephone: Electronics

In my opinion it's absolute litter :mad:

I tend to flick through menus quite quickly but this phone will not allow that - it seems to have a set speed to run through it's functions. For example you have to wait about 3 seconds from hanging up to dialling a new number. Now that may not sound like a long time but I can get very busy at work and that amount of time can seem like an age. Nor is it possible to override the sequence. Other phones I've had (Pannys for instance) are far quicker to react and more logical to use.

The main problem though is battery life - the previous Panny I used to own would last me at least a full day for most of it's life (I can spend approx 2 or 3hrs on the phone during busy days) - this thing will start beeping after, I'd say, 2 hrs or maybe even less, and in fact died during a call on Friday. In comparison to my old Panny (which admittedly did have some battery issues near the end of it's life) it's shockingly bad.

I realise I'm almost answering my own question here........but, equally I'm not aware if the new batch of Pannys have great battery life or if any of them are better than others.

Also, every review site I look at rates Siemens top of the pile - if the top rated 795 performs the same as my 595 then I just don't get it - or maybe most people who review them simply don't use the thing as much as someone like me and I'm expecting too much? I don't think I am. :confused:

And another thing - the answer machine on my Siemens is also terrible. Even on the high quality setting it's sometimes almost impossible to understand the messages - and that's even when I've left messages for myself over a weekend! :facepalm:

So no Siemens recommendations if you please :D

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