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OK I need some help. I cannot decide on my TV. Basically I suffer a bit from motion sickness (mainly from video games FPS & Driving). I am planning a KV36FS76 but as I will be sitting 3.0 meters away I am worried it may make me feel ill. My other options are a KV32FQ75 from comet for £990 at the moment but these have had screen problems that i have read on here. Or a KV32FX66 which I can get for about £950. The FQ75 seems to be a higher spec than the FX66 athough I dont know what difference there is but id rather the FS76 anyway - DOH. I have been tring to decide for 1 week now so any opinons would be gratfully recieved:)

Joe Pineapples

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I have been tring to decide for 1 week now

if you can make your mind up within one week, i think you'll have done well :)

btw - i also suffer from motion sickness in some fps games, but never 'driving' ones - strange how the brain works.



Have you had a look at the Toshiba 32ZD26P?

You can get it for about 830 notes online and it's got progressive scan :)


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I havenot seen the kv76 but have seen the fx66 and the toshiba fx66 and if you can get the toshiba zd26 for 830 I would have a look at that rather than the fx66 which in my opinion is average.
The dvd playback on the toshiba is very good and I saw a dvd without the component connection which is suppose to be even better. I am still searching but the best so far I have seen is the pixel plus from philips, just waiting for the price to fall after christmas.

hope this helps, (go for the 32 inch at that distance as 36 seems too big.



Cheers for the replies, everything (speakers excluded) in my HC kit is Sony and I like to keep it that way;) The thing I find is a 32" is perfect for normal TV viewing but too small of DVD's and the 36" I guess would be a pain for normal viewing but far better for films:rolleyes: I have currently moved my couch to a relative distance from my 28" too create a fake 36" for the weekend:D So far so good!

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