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Decisions, decisions....Z3 or HS50

Evil Ally

Standard Member
First time projector buyer here :thumbsup:

I would love to get an AE700, but I've pretty much ruled it out due to VB issues :thumbsdow This leaves me with the Z3 and HS50. I have the opportunity to pick up a Z3 for £998 which has me very tempted. I could go for the Z3 and save £500.....but what would I be missing with the Sony? I have to make a move on this tomorrow.....can anyone say anything to help me make up my mind :confused:


Established Member

Well after reading various forums and fliting between plasma, lcd and pj I finally after some arm twisting from my father I bought a Z3 blind. I've never used or had a pj before (only seen them used for presentations) but for the price I thought give it a go :D

It arrived yesterday - good service from ivojo :smashin: (my room isn't finished yet) so we just stuck it on the kitchen table - got a piece of painted mdf (I'm making a fixed mdf painted screen for the wall as my image size is smaller than most) and fired straight at it (I know mr amateur :p ). We hooked up a Panasonic E95 via component and made sure progressive scan was active.

I don't know what to look for in terms of VB/Screendoor and all the other problems but to myself and my father the picture gobsmacked us. With no settings being changed on the unit it was very very impressive (far better than I had expected). Fired up T2 and the start sequence with the fire was excellent - heh no sound otherwise I might have ended up watching it all :) I even ran normal TV through the E95 (rf) and that was pretty good aswell - I think my original aim of keeping the Z3 for Console,DVD might change after seeing footy/cricket :laugh:

I didn't think the noise of the unit was bad either - I'm used to a 4 fan PC so once some sound is on the PJ won't be heard I'd imagine.

Overall for myself I'm chuffed to bits but thats maybe just the PJ and big image part of it :) but I decided on the Sanyo over some of the others based upon price, general reviews, warranty and also the fact that if it wasn't to my liking I could probably sell it for a not massive loss. I had considered the Sony but it was a fair bit more and I thought I could use the difference towards a HDMI equiped DVD player (3910 most likely) - the more I was going to spend blind the itchier feet I get :blush:

Its packed away now till my room is finished but I think work on my room might progress a bit quicker now :) Hope my 2peneth helps a little.


Established Member
Have you seen the VB on an Ae700 or is this based on others experiences?

The Hs50 and Z3 are very different amounts of money, and I don't think you ahould rule out the AE700 without at least seeing it!

Evil Ally

Standard Member
Thanks 1ofakind, it sounds like I won't be dissapointed with the Z3.

Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere around here where I can demo projectors. The problem is that the AE700 seems to be a bit hit and miss in terms of weather it will have VB or not. If I could be guaranteed a reasonably VB free one, then I would most likely take it. Plus it seems that VB can creep up on users over time. Having seen photos from other ae700 users, I know that this would annoy me a great deal so I don't want to chance it.

I think the Z3 is the most viable for me right now, considering the price/performance ratio.


Established Member
ive got the z3 and it is better than the panny 700 in my opinion and the sony isnt worth the extra,ive seen them all together and the z3 was crisper than the panny and on par with the sony,the sonys bulbs are pricey and you dont get a 3 year warranty either.


Prominent Member
I've just fed my new Z3 with DVI from my Radeon 9800 pro via HDMI adapter and I'm really chuffed with it :thumbsup: . There's nothing I can fault it on (appreciate I might do later on though). Certainly no obvious VB or other artefacts. I also ruled out the Sony on a) price and b) warranty. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Z3.

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