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Sorry, but I have a problem. For months, I have been on the verge of buying a PS2, but, just lately, the X-box seems a better bet. Anyone who has either or both care to help out?


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This is a bad question. Those with an X-Box will tell you to get one, and those who have a PS2 will tell you to get a PS2.

At the end of the day what games mainly interest you on either console, or just buy both.

Gary D

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if you search this forum you will find plenty of lively debate about which console is better, etc. i'm not going to say which one you should get. i have all three and the one i play most is the xbox, then the GC then the PS2.

my advice look at the games you want to play and which system has them. then buy that one. Sorry i cant be more helpful.



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Buy a Gameboy Advance :p

Dom H

When the PS2 owners come up with a valid reason to choose one over the xbox then I'd go for one. If you don't want to wait that long go for an xbox.

Better hardware
Better online plans
IMO better games (Halo 2 or Red Faction 2 that's a toughy)

EDIT: Buy a GB advance too, oh you might want to wait for the new one tho


At the risk of editorialising, I'd say that your decision should not be between PS2 and XBox, it should be between GameCube and XBox. The PS2 (despite it's large games library) is near the end of its life cycle, and is currently overpriced.


I play GC most, then GBA, then X-Box, then PS2

I love Nintendo. They are a gamers game company (if you get my drift). Sure, they bring out duds the same as any other games companies do, but the crackers are top of the pile as far as I am concerned (Mario, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Donkey Kong I could go on...). Some say it's aimed more at kids - I don't agree.

PS2 had it's day, it was good, still some good games coming out, but not enough to keep it alive for much longer....? It's good until you see a GC or X-Box game.

The X-Box. I waited for weeks, months, years, for this. It's been on my shelf now since it's launch. Please tell me when there are gonna be some good games I can play on it! Halo was brilliant, but I finished it ages ago and all the games I get now are naff. I have not found one that can keep my attention longer than a few hours at most Sorry, but I still think it's too much like a PC. Microsoft are in the console business because they can, not because they want to make games for gamers. And the damn controller is too big! :)

I agree - get them both! I am holding out for some good reasons to dust off the X-Box very soon

Mrs Taz. :kisses:

Gary D

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from what ive seen in recent days your reasons are coming, there are some fantastic games between now and xmas.


Mrs Taz,

The non-launch titles I'm playing and would highly recommend are..

Championship mgr
Tony Hawks3
Moto GP

This years releases I'm waiting for are...

Colin McRae Rally 3 - Coming out this Friday.
Splinter Cell
Unreal Championship
Rayman 3
Medal of honor

Next year

Fable (Project Ego)
Shenmue II
TOCA Racing Driver
Doom III
GP 4 - pleeeaaaase!
Micro Machines
Star Wars Galaxies

I think you could probably get most of them on other consoles or PC....but they wouldn't have dolby digital 5.1 and maybe the graphics won't be as polished at the xbox version (not including PC in that).

The main reasons I bought a xbox was dd5.1 sound, the hard drive, Sockets for 4 controllers and because of all of those it's potential. I was going to talk about the other consoles but I've taken it out cos it's all been said before.

It's been a bit of a naff first 7 months for the xbox to be honest. Not many games released over the summer, but now there are loads I want and I haven't enough money... unless I tell the family they aren't getting any presents this year, I've told them they're not getting their presents wrapped this year. That should save enough money for one game :D



it has to be the best out of the lot - it has 5.1 sound and a hardrive. You can mod it with a card and then rip the old hardrive out, put a new one in and use it as a mp3 player!

now thats enteraintment :)



Look at the games that are out now and are coming out. Look at the track record of the companies then make a decision.

As for PS2 being at the end of its life, don't make me laugh. However much of a fan you are of Xbox/Gamecube or whatever, there is no evidence whatsoever that the PS2 is coming to the end of its life, infact the complete opposite.

Remember its about games not 5.1 sound or 'better' graphics. If thats all that matters to you why not wait for the PS3. Afterall its only 3 years away.


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The thing is with all new consoles these days, the decent games seem to be limited at launch (due to more complex development)

I currently own a PS2 and it now has lots of games available for it that i want to play, though i waited a year before i bought one.

The xbox and GC are far more recent and are still waiting for the major titles (now starting to appear)

At the end of the day you buy the console that has the type of games you enjoy playing most

It's all well and good having the best spec console, but if the games are poor or there is no support, it makes an expensive door stop.


I knew it was a lousy question, but thanks all the same. Sigh, it looks like XBox it is. Buying both is a nice idea, but I only have room for one.

Not really interested in Nintendo, sorry, but none of the games really grab me. OK, RE is quite good, but I got fed up with the concept years ago.

Thanks to all who responded.


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Why do you only have room for one. If you didn't get the X-box you would have room for two:D ( only jo king Waka Waka )

I'll let you know how Vice city looks and how nice the people are ( Good or Bad ):D :D :D


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Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Final Fantasy X
Gran Turismo 3
GTA: Vice City
Onimusha 2
TOCA Racing Driver
Jak and Daxter
Red Faction 2
Medal of Honor
The Two Towers

All out or released within the next month or so on PS2. Keeps me busy enough.


Originally posted by stewarth
As for PS2 being at the end of its life, don't make me laugh. However much of a fan you are of Xbox/Gamecube or whatever, there is no evidence whatsoever that the PS2 is coming to the end of its life, infact the complete opposite.

The complete opposite? Well, hooray, the PS2 has just launched! Alert the media. (ok, that was uncalled for ;) )

The simple fact is, regardless of the games, the PS2 as a piece of hardware is overpriced when you compare it to the XBox and Gamecube. Sony can still sell it this high because they already have a solid market share, and are raking money in on game sale royalties. They don't need to be worried about selling consoles right now. If you are intent on getting a PS2 right now, at least wait until the price comes down before Xmas. (which is very likely) I mean, you can still support a system without being a poor consumer.

Dave H

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There are rumours that they are bringing out a smaller X-box is this true ?



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dunno about a smaller one (which would be kool) but that white ltd edition one would be nice.


Yeah, I think that's the Panzer Dragoon Orta ltd edition box, and AFAIK, it's only available in Japan.

Bob Todd

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Get the PS2 if you like a wide selection of games, the PS2 is the football fans choice.

Get a GameCube if you like a camp little plumber.

Get an Xbox if you like 70's slacks, because Halo is all it really has and 3D shooters own on the PC.

when you weigh up the pro's and cons, PS2 is the one for you!

Go for it, its the breakfast of champions and is stomping the xbox and gamecube in the sales war, which means its future is far more certain.

Edge magazine think the xbox is going the same way as the Dreamcast, if Broad band gaming doesnt take off it will.


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sorry but PS2 is far the best console and the best supported.
It outsells Xbox and GC by 8:1 !!

It is reaching its peak games wise with much improved graphics
many reviews say there is hardly any difference between the PS2 timesplitters and the Xbox one!

xbox is slowly going bust, it has more than halved in price in 6months!!

dont count on online gaming only 1% of people in britain have broadband! by the time boradband gaming takes off estimated at around 2005!! PS3 will be out.

until then you may as well stick with a pc for online games as Xbox only offers FPS anyway (well one!!)
if you want an Xbox you may as well buy a dreamcast because all of its games apart from halo are OLD DREAMCAST GAMES!!

ps if your british you are probably a football fan , only PS2 has PRO EVO 2 , well i suppose you could play david beckham soccer on XBOX!! LOLLOL:D :D :D

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