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Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by brdee, Jan 14, 2005.

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    After dumping my old sterio a few years ago, I thought it about time I got something gooood!

    I listened to many including Naim and Meridian, and decided on the G series kit.

    Problem was the cost to get all I want in one go! So with 7 k in my wallet I am biting the bullet and going for a G91 (and maybe the G55) since it proports to play CDs as well as its equiv g08 or so I am told.

    My reasoning for this move was that I could have the same equipment ultimately for both AV and hi-fi.

    Ahhh.. but now I find I have to buy the Amp (the other half of the 7K) if I want analogue speakers, or go for the active ones from the meridian range....

    Haven't got speakers yet. Using my old Tannoy 633s with a borrowed G 55 bridged amp. Not brilliant - far too edgy!

    Don't know whether to loose the amp and find some nice (and acceptable to the missus who hates huge (or black) speakers) active speakers, or to go with the amp and find good analogue ones?

    Anyone had experience with the AudioVectra Active Mi3 Avantegardes? (very nice looking!)
    or should I stick with meridian?


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