decision time



hello guys, :hiya:
first post and as usual im calling on your expertise and opinions,ive narrowed my choice down to 2 lcd tv's(as they fall within my budget of around £15oo),

the first one is, the neovia 37" at currys,im not up on tech terms but i like this because the picture seemed excellent,compared to the more expensive equivalents,and its the pic thats quite important,and its hd ready,

and the second one is ,the samsung le40r51bx,i couldnt get a good idea of the picture as it was in currys and by all accounts the reception is poor,but a 40" screen is appealing and ive read the threads on this model,which seem to be in its favour,im on telewest at the moment so i would imagine the picture would be slightly better,or would it?,
out of interest i found this one for£1539 all in at sound and vision,

if you could share your views on either i would be gratefull,as its driving me mad at the moment,the local currys will know me on first name terms soon,

thanks guys :thumbsup:

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