Decision Time: Marantz and KEF?


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Okay, I'm about to make a decision and I'm looking for a little reassurance (well actually, just honest opinions).

I have a Marantz SR-9300 which I have matched with Energy Connoisseur C-7 fronts and the matching Energy centre. The problem is, my wife hates (I mean really hates) the look of the Connoisseurs. I must admit, I do sort of agree with her - they are huge black boxes that tend to dominate the room. They look ok from the front but are just too deep, meaning they look a little misshapen from the side. The problem is they sound great.

I've looked at various options for a trade-in. The Tannoy Eyris 3's look good, but having listened to them I'm not convinced (the reviews are less than glowing too). The other option is the KEF Q7s (with a matching Q9c centre). I'm not mad about their looks, and they are a bit 'chunky' (with slightly too large a footprint), but in the maple colour I think they will appease the wife (and save my marriage!) and also sound pretty good.

Any views on whether the Marantz receiver will match these speakers? Any other options anyone can think of (at this point the money is probably less important than a maple/beech coloured speaker with a sexy footprint!)? Should I just get a divorce and be done with it!?


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No problems with the Marantz - plenty of power for the range of speakers you are seeking.

Check out the new PMC GB1's - lovely thin floorstanders but with loads of grunt! Everyone who saw them at last weeks Bristol show is selling their pets to get 'em - £900 approx.

Alternatively Mission 782SE's are small, but great sounding.

See also Proac and Spendor ranges too.

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