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Decision Time : Gallo or Velodyne

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Matt Horne, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Matt Horne

    Matt Horne

    Nov 20, 2000
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    Over the Hill & Far Away
    Well it looks like in the next week or so I will have the funds to buy a subwoofer. The choice is down to the Gallo MPS-150 or the Velodyne CHT-10.

    The current sub in my setup is a joke bought a few years ago (some small yamaha..)

    So what I really need is some advice to help point me towards one or other of these subs.

    Heres my current kit :

    Arcam DV88+
    Onkyo TS-898 Receiver
    Mission M74 Fronts
    Mission 77C1 (or 2) centre
    Mission M73 Rears

    My setup is based in the front room and so one of the factors to consider is the presence of the sub which falls in the Gallo's favour and would probably get past the missus.

    But I would really like opinions from ppl who have heard or used both of these (Uncle Eric where are you!). This is to be the first real sub in my system and whatever I buy I would like it last a good while - no upgrading for a couple of years.

    As a further (future) project I have been considering going to a 7.1 setup by replacing the Mission rears with 4 Gallo Micros (and possibly replacing the front 3 at a far later date) My only question was whether the micros would blend well with the the Mission fronts.. advice please..

    Help me spend my money :)


  2. HotblackDesiato

    Active Member

    Dec 4, 2002
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    It's a tricky one i've used both an MPS and a CHT-15 with some Gallos sats, i've also used the Gallos as rears for a 753/75C front end.

    Easy one first , Yes the Gallos sats mesh well with the Mission front end. Tonally they weren't quite as good as the 751s i usually run, to be expected i guess, but they did disappear to a greater extent than the 751s both visually and acoustically, which i think beneficial in rear speakers.

    The MPSvVelo question...i've not tested both against my Missions the CHT-15 being way too big to lug up and down the stairs, so comments are made with reference to pairing with the Gallos sats.
    The MPS for me had the edge with music, when paired with the Gallos sats, the integration was seamless, the three working as one. Movies wise, for me, the MPS was a little lacking in low end weight, but as you'll see in other threads, i've a big roll off under 35Hz even with a CHT-15 in the room i use.
    The CHT-15 gives a little extra low end grunt, that i prefer, but it for me doesn't quite match the MPS in ability to integrate with the Gallos sats for music.

    In the end the CHT was for me, as the set-up downstairs is more a TV/DVD system than stereo...but it's not an easy call.

    Uncle Eric is the man to comment more fully...and also a great guy to do business with!


    ps Mrs Tye loved the MPS, hates the CHT-15!

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