Deciding on cables etc before the Plasma has been purchased?


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Hi All

I am currently doing a full renovation of our lounge. The space has just been opened up so new steel work etc.

Now I have decided on a 50" Plasma on one of the walls (Prob Panasonic). I will also be chasing all of the cables within the walls. Including HDMI, Ethernet etc etc.

So my problem is as follows.

I need to chase the cables in the wall now as the room is being plastered in a couple of weeks BUT I will not be purchasing and fitting the Plasma for about 3-4 months.

So how do I know where to locate the cables?

Looking at the Panasonic Manual it seem the cables attach to the Right when you look at the back of the Plasma.

Should I bring the cables up on the opposite side and ensure I have about 60cm of spare cable so I can run them accross the back of the Plasma?

Anyone got any better ideas?




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Yes , mark out the location of the TV and run the cables in the wall to wall plates , like these ,

Audio Wall Plate Products - Nexxia

Then use short cables ( available from the same site ) to go from the back of the TV to the wall plates , locate the wall plates behind the TV obviously.


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Take Andy's advice and use the face plates :)

Much tidier job and alot easier for you to just replace the lead from the plate to the plasma if a connector were to be damaged.


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To be honest I don't really like the idea of outlet plates unless they are really necessary.

I am intending to possible use brush plate covers to tidy up where the cables exit.


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now this is just food for thought..

Ultimately its your call :) its your gear after all

There was a point where i was not so keen on faceplates due to not being able to pick and choose what connectors were on the plate.. then i found a range made by philex



even phono if you wanted to use it

there is pretty much a module for each type of connection you would want and they clip in to a fascia which are available in different sizes
(four gang)

this way you can make your own AV panel :smashin:

if it appeals to you, id recommend download the philex catalogue off their website and having a look through. you wont be able to buy from them but if you google / ebay the part codes you will find them everywhere

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