Deciding between Philips 30PF9975, 32PF9986 and Toshiba CRT

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by tezzer, May 31, 2004.

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    First of all - great site - there's some superb advice here, so thanks for the great reading.

    Our dilemma is as follows:

    We currently have a bog-standard 28" Widescreen Sanyo - £250 from Currys. Whilst it does a good job for us at the moment, we're thinking of upgrading. We have three options at the moment:

    1. 32" Toshiba 32ZP38 100 Hz CRT
    This has decent connectivity, but we saw one in Currys today and to be honest, the picture was dreadful - am sure this was more to do with the picture they were running through it, but even a DVD connection looked like it had a lot of colour bleed in the reds - not impressed.

    We've been thinking of LCDs also, mainly because of the form factor, and reading around, it looks like the Philips are ruling the roost currently. Therefore options are:

    2. Philips 30PF9975

    Everything points to this being a good choice - £1800 online at the moment, looks great with DVD (we saw it in Currys today), and from reading comments on here, it seems to be ok with most Sky channels (albeit with a bit of fiddling with the various digital processing options).

    3. Philips 32PF9986

    Pixel Plus 2 would be the draw here for us - the bigger screen is a good thing, although we'd live with a 30". Main draw back is the look of the set itself - that big black surround is a bit of a killer. £2169 at bedirect is a decent price for the addition of PP2 and the larger screen. (Not sure whether ambilight is a bit of a gimmick, myself). We also have a Windows MCE machine in the lounge, so the DVI input would be a bonus.

    So what's the view from everyone? Here's what we'll be plugging in:

    Sky +
    Windows Media Center PC (ATI 9700 DVI Connection, I guess)
    LG2000 DVD/VCR/Surround Sound

    Things we're currently a bit worried about:

    1. Image quality - all the LCD panels we've seen in the shops look pretty crap with TV signals - that said, so do the CRTs, so this has got to be the split-to-death signals they use. We're happy to upgrade to a decent Monster cable RGB Scart from the Sky box, so fingers crossed this will help.

    2. Image Motion - again, reading the reviews, the Philips sets seems to be better than most with fast motion, and the 32" apparently has a faster response time - we'll be watching a lot of footy on this, so again, all views welcomed.

    3. Returning the set if the above prove to be a bit dodgy

    Where do we stand with this? If we decide that our cheapo CRT is better, how easy is it to argue the case with someone like bedirect?

    Be grateful for any thoughts so set minds at rest!!


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