Deciding between entry/mid range Onkyo, yamaha, pioneer, marantz or denon


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My 6 year old onkyo 606 has succumbed to the hdmi switching problem so it's time to get a new receiver.

I've got the choice within my price range of:

Onkyo 515 (do I want to risk onkyo given the chat about hdmi probs?)
Marantz 1403 (like the slim design but is the power good enough?)
Yamaha 573 (hear good things about yamaha but new to me)
Denon 1713 (seems to lack features)
Pioneer 827 (bit of a beast but heard bad things about the GUI)

I ony have a 5.1 setup but wouldn't want to lock myself out of 7.2 down the line. Saying that though, if the marantz and denon are much better quality at 5.1 then should I consider them over the others?

My speakers are a mix of borrowed hi fi speakers at the front, and ageing wharf dale centre and some nifty Polk rears.

Any advice apreciated


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What are the features you assume the AVR1713 to lack? Its feature list is probably the best you can get in comparison to other amps with a similar price. It is the cheapest receiver available to incorporate Audyssey's MultEQ XT room correction system. You should also consider the Denon AVR2113 if looking at either the Onkyo TXNR515 or the Yamaha RXV573. The AVR2113 will cost you less than the Yamaha and £30 more than the Onkyo.

I'd suggest going with a full sized receiver rather than a slimline model. They are okay for small rooms or for situations where a full sized amp wouldn't be able to be housed, but they are compromised due to their size, especially in terms of peak and dynamic power.

Do you intend updating your speakers in the near future? The Wharfdale speakers suggest using a clinical sounding amp rather than a warm amp such as a Denon, Marantz or Yamaha receiver.
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