Decided to buy the new Panny, but..



After reading all the excellent threads here and seeing a few plasma’s in action I've finally made up my mind to buy the new Panasonic TH-42PW5B.

Unfortunately I'm not as technically minded as the some of the other people posting here, and after reading all the posts on the connectivity subject I’m still don't know the best way to connect my DVD player and Sky+ box to the plasma. I'd be very grateful if someone could post a simple and cost effective solution.

Both my DVD player and Sky+ have RGB enabled Scart sockets, but no component sockets, and I don't want to downgrade to Composite or S-Video. I also don't want to spend 500 notes on Panasonic’s tuner, when my Sky+ already has 2 digital tuners.

Is using a ‘Scart to 6 Phone’ cable from my Sky+ to the RCA board on the Panny the best quality way of getting an RGB signal to the plasma ?

I could loop the DVD through Sky+, but don’t think I would be able to watch DVD's when the Sky+ was switched on, ie recording.

Or I could route the DVD and Sky+ through my 10 pound RGB enabled Scart switcher. I could then connect the switcher to the Plasma RCA via the ‘Scart to 6 Phone cable’.

Confused ! what’s my best option ?

Would Panasonic’s elusive Scart Terminal board solve my problem?

I have had 2 conversations with Panasonic technical support today regarding the availability of the TY-42TM5T Scart Terminal board for the TH42PW5B, with one saying it is not available because there is a problem with the board, and the other saying that no decision has been made yet if the board will be sold in the UK. Sounds like a scam to get people to buy the 500 quid tuner. Though I’m sure our price sensitive Europeans can buy the board locally. Anyone know any online retailers in Europe ?



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Two options here I guess:

Use S-Video out of Sky+ into the Plasma, and RGB to VGA (either John Sim's boxes or Keene Syncblaster) for the DVD.

Or use the switchbox for your two sources and then use the single RGB connection to the plasma. Note that if you search this forum you will find a lot of information about connections, but you can't use a passive cable to connect the RGB SCART to the plasma, you need to convert it to either VGA or YUV.

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You can still use the dvd player on RGB loopthrough on sky+ and watch when sky+ is recording ... the second tuner is 'hidden' and used exclusivey for recording ...

The 'ultimate' would be to use one of Dr Johns RGB>VGA boxes for the sky+ and an RGB>Component for the dvd player ... makes the best of both connections and sources ... still leaves the svideo for a ps2/xbox !!



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Personally I would consider the Syncblaster or John Sim box for both devices, one taking up the R G B H V input on the terminal board and the other using the VGA port on the back of the plasma. This gives RGB for both devices without any cheap switching devices in the way!

This leaves one S-Video or Composite channel for VCR / games console etc.


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As per previous posts even when going for a 'simple and cost effective' connectivity plan there are quiet a few options open to you.

If you want cost effective I think 'jont's first option is your best plan:


SKY+ RGB SCART out > JS TECH RGB2VGA converter RGB SCART in - SCART to SCART cable.

JS TECH RGB2VGA converter VGA out > Plasma display RGBHV 5xPhono sockets in - VGA to 5xPhono plugs cable.

This assumes you will be running the audio from the DVD and the SKY+ box separately to your AV amplifier.

You could also run an S-Video cable between the SKY+ box and the plasma display to give you the option to use the 'Just' mode on the plasma display.

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Originally posted by jont

The 'ultimate' would be to use one of Dr Johns RGB>VGA boxes for the sky+ and an RGB>Component for the dvd player ... makes the best of both connections and sources ... still leaves the svideo for a ps2/xbox !!


A friend has asked me to advise him on a Plasma screen, I'm a bit new to the connectivity for Plasmas, but does your ultimate way described above take the sound tot he Plasma screen as well. My friend does not want a seperate AV amp.

Thanks for any help



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There are a pair of audio outputs on Dr, Johns boxes that can be connected to the audio in on the plasma ...


cheers jont :)

does this mean that the RGB>componant for the DVD player handles the sound seperatly from the sky+ connection?

still a bit consufed?

or could I do a fully wired scart pass through from DVD to sky+, then do fully wired scart out from sky+ to Dr Johns RGB>VGA box, then just connect the seperate sound and picture parts up to the Plasma screen?

thanks again




Is using a ‘Scart to 6 Phone’ cable from my Sky+ to the RCA board on the Panny the best quality way of getting an RGB signal to the plasma ?

See my thead "RBG SCART to Panny D4 lead" You don't need any convertor boxes! Just a SCART to RGB + Comp Video lead.

I have a DVD, ITV Digital (Freeview) and Motorised Digital Satellite box all connected to a RGB SCART Switching box then a SCART to BNC (RGB + Comp Video) lead and it works fine on my Panny D4.

You mayl not need a SCART Switching box, because the sky box will do the RGB switching for you. (MAKE SURE THAT THE SKY BOX SWITCHES RGB!).

Also I have a PC connected to the D4 at the same time.

If you want to connect anything that is NOT SCART RGB, eg. Component DVD then you will need DR. John Sim Box.

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The scart connection from the sky+ will carry audio into Johns box ... but the component video does not carry it on from the box - it is carried separately on its own phonos ...



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Bluebear (or any one else who's done the comparison or who would know) - Would you say/do you
think that the RGB Scart cable to BNC solution gives as good a picture as one of John's
SCART to component boxes? For me S-Video is not good enough on my Panny, but my DVD
player of choice does not have component video out :( I therefore need some way of getting RGB Scart out
in to the plasma. I also don't want to tie up the VGA socket.

Also, can someone (maybe Dr John?) explain in simple terms how you can take Scart RGB out of a
DVD player for example, input that signal in to a converter box, convert it to component
video and get as good a picture (that started out life as just RGB)? Is this what
manufacturers do, who incorporate component video out anyway? BTW - I've just ordered one
of your converter boxes :)



The picture on my D4 is amazing using my home made SCART to RGB cable. I just wanted to prove it worked before ordering a real one.

But, make sure you use VERY high quality cables, as the D4 will display everything!

I an VERY happy with my connection setup of SCART RGB and PC.

I want to get a 480p DVD setup, I will have to rethink my connections. ie. Get a Dr. John Sims Box ?
But as the VISA card is on fire at the moment, it will have to wait or get the girlfriend to get me one for Xmas!!

The Cheap Mans way to do Progressive (480p) using a SCART to BNC (RGB + Sync lead), is to make a lead that connects the three Component signals to a SCART plug.
Then plug this into my SCART RGB switch box. Then all you have to do is change the "RGB" settings on the Panny D4 from "sync on video" to "Sync on Green" and change from "RGB" to "Component" mode. This would free up both the PC and Composite inputs.

Do anyone see any problems with this not working ???

Best Regards,


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