decided on yam630...spks to suit?????




eventually after hours of browsing this forum, i have decided to purchase the yam630se.

now the difficult part!, SPEAKERS, something around £400 bracket - sub not essential. Centre needs to sit on top of Tosh 42wh18p which has quite a narrow top.

Possibly thinking of Mission M72 mainly because sold as package and some decent reviews.

Also any suggestions ref prices/where to buy for yam630se and spkrs would be appreciated.

Hopefully nearing the end of a long and drawn out decison process!

NB: does the yam630 come in silver???


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NB: does the yam630 come in silver???
Yes it does...or more like Titanium. Speakers wise, the KEF, evos or Eltax. Try QED-uk.com or unbeatable.co.uk for prices on the amps and Richer Sounds for speakers, cables etc
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