Decided on TV card, what about software?


Are there really no decent linux alternatives?
SSD would only cost me £30, and instead of that I'd have to buy a HDD which wouldn't be a lot less most likely.

I'll give it a think, rather not use windows, only use it on my main pcs for gaming.
But in the end the family want something that will work, although as it turns out, they may wait until easter, since they've spent a fair amount this Christmas already (including the new tv)


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If your parents are grandparents or the legal guardian of any children in full time education (or if either of them are teachers), then they can get Win 7 Pro for £38 from software4students.

If you use S3 standby when the system is not in use then your boot-up times will be only about 5 seconds even without an SSD. You could run the OS from a 40 Gig partition on the 750 Gig drive you have budgeted for.

Where are you getting the SSD for £30?!!!!!

If you are really on a budget an SSD is an unnecessary luxury in my opinion and if Live TV is a key requirement then you have to spend the money where it will make the real difference!


Getting a 30gb SSD 2nd hand, I rarely buy anything new unless I absolutely have to. (getting it with another item, and idividually priced at 37.50, so 30 was a slight underestimation)
Yeah both my brother and sister are in full time education, I'm going to see if I can get more MSDNAA stuffs :p

Yeah Live TV is a must, will be the main use no doubt when I'm not there :p
Think I might pick the SSD up anyways, since it's a nice price.

I'll look into buying a Windows license (just saying it makes me feel queasy :p)
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