Decided on OLED - best for budget?


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Been deliberating a new TV for a while now. Bounced between QLED or a top end Sony (9505) as I’m seated near large windows, burn in concerns etc etc.

Settled finally on OLED.

The 65” CX here in the UK at the moment can be had for 1699. I’m not wanting to spend over that honestly. Can’t bring myself to spend much more haha!

The only others I can find within that budget is the Philips 805 or the Pana HZ980.

Any owners able to weigh in on either of these say vs the LG CX?

I would ideally like the purchase to last say 5 years. I don’t want to upgrade and in a few years regret not getting HDMI 2.1 say.

Usage is varied between some PC gaming, console and mainly content viewing. Tv and movies. No broadcast TV.

Thanks in advance!


Have you seen:

Each OLED is remarkably similar, its just features, connectivity and picture processing that differs.

For example, if you want HDMI 2.1 without breaking the bank, you should look at the LG BX.


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Thanks for the link- I’ve read most of your guides but probably need to give this one another/better look over.

I have been looking at the BX but it’s not much cheaper than the CX. £1516 I think it is vs the 1699. I thought for that difference most would say get the slight ‘improvements’ of the CX.


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Yeah I’m following. If the difference was more I would most likely be happy with the BX.

Your guides with the recommended models etc are really useful thank you, and I think if the HZ980 had the gaming features for the future I would purchase that at the lower price it’s available.


Next year will hopefully make for a better comparison as more TVs use HDMI 2.1.
The transition between one HDMI revision and another usually goes something like this on higher end TVs:

First year certain TVs have 1x of the new HDMI port, most still use the older spec ports (2020)
Second year certain TVs have 2x of the new HDMI ports, most still use older spec ports (2021)
Third year its more popular for TVs to have 4x of the new HDMI ports, with only budget TVs still using old ones. (2022)
Fourth year it starts to become standard even for cheaper TVs to use the new ports. (2023)

LG have done very well to equip even their 2019 models with HDMI 2.1, they are in effect 2 years ahead of the in terms of ironing out bugs with new technology if HDMI 2.1 is important to you there's a good chance they will be ahead of others anyway, even when others do offer HDMI 2.1

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