decided not to go Plasma


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For a few weeks now I've been bordering on buying a Panny PW6 to replace my ageing and pathetic CRT. I've had some great advice here, and all the time I've watched the prices on this screen fall by about £100 per week!
It seams now that at around £2200, the Panny 6 is a real bargain.

But, maybe there's good reason for this.
I can't fully explain why, but I always felt very uneasy about buying it.
It probably has alot to do with (potential) Plasma screen burn or the threat of bigger, better and cheaper LCD's round the cormer.
Either way, just thought I'd let you know I won't be joining the plasma gang.

I'm going for a new CRT instead and have altered the room layout to better suit it. I suppose bang for buck, and for ultimate picture quality, CRT still has no competition.


probably more to do with the fact that there's a new range of Pannys about to be released ( Viera ).


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after many a sleepless night (deliberating over what to buy), this is not the greatest post one could read first thing in the morning

anyway good luck with your purchase.


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Mikedown, I know what you mean. I had just about decided to get the panny myself and now all the talk over new models etc has made me wonder if i am going to make a big mistake....

AV Geeza

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mikedown & dapex,
There is no real point in worrying about whats round the corner as new technology is changing all the time and whatever you buy will be superceded by a higher spec'd (not always better picture), lower priced unit at some point.

There are some great bargains to be had at the moment, so why not just find the screen that has the best picture to your eyes and buy it?

Im sure that some of the early Pio 434/504 HDE owners are wondering how good the MXE versions are going to be, but whats the point? They already have HDMI, hi res screens!

I am also wondering which screen to buy, but my decsion will not be based on whats around the corner, but on what is best for me at the time of purchase!

I just want to enjoy watching movies in the comfort of my own home!


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I can understand why jules is worried about buying a plasma.
I was thinking about buying the pd3000, then I read the gas charging fault thread. Then I thought about the panny, then I found out about the resolution.
I've noticed the price of LCD's go down while the quality and size go up.
And after all this I have some questions to ask.
Why can't they make a plasma that you can just install and turn on and tune up like a CRT tv? A plasma that has the same number of connection possibilities, like a CRT tv?
A plasma that operates widescreen switching, like a CRT tv?

Judging by the number of worries and complaints found on this forum concerning plasma screens with their not so black blacks, their screen burn, complex set up menu's, constant variation of connection possibilities, buzzing transformers, gas charging faults, tinny speakers, and the amount of money spent on scalers, de-interlacers, audio-delay boxes, countles conection converters and the amount of time spent on the phone to service centres I have to ask......why bother? Are some of you throwing good money after bad so you can feel happier about spending a fortune on a massive screen?
You can get a decent 36" CRT for around £1000, and since most of you are putting your plasma's on stands, the depth issue just shouldn't be one.
Are those extra six inches really worth it?

I was going to buy a plasma, but this forum has firmly indicated to me that it would be a good idea to wait for another year or two.
Just to see how LCD comes on. I believe that LCD tv's will be a serious alternative by then.


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problem is CRT sets are not without there faults either, whatever you buy will bring interesting side effects, there is no perfect set no matter what tech drives it.

for regular TV/sky CRT is still the Daddy

for DVD, projection followed by plasma / and newer LCD reign supreme.

you dont realy get the best of both worlds, but thats life.
it realy comes down to your viewing habbits. if you watch a ton of tv, stick with CRT or be aware of the sacrafice. if you mainly dvd it
plasma all the way.


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thats it ..... im buying a 14 in black and white:devil:


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I don't think you quite get it... The reason there is all the fuss is that most plasma buyers are looking for a top quality, reasonably large picture from a stylish unit which doesn't take up half the room.

You would seem be happy with an interlaced picture on a 36" (sorry 33" visible) screen.

This shows me you're nowhere near as discerning as the average plasma buyer. You don't mind the flicker, line twitter, feathering, jaggies and moire etc from the interlaced picture, the imperfect geometry and beam landing errors, you're not concerned about screen burn even though this can happen to crt and I would guess your blacks are probably light grey with whites crushed and blooming due to you not calibrating the set.

People seem to think that crt's are just plug and play with perfect pictures - this couldn't be further from the truth. Most people are perfectly happy with a badly set up crt with all its faults and limitations. People spending upwards of 2.5k on a screen are usually a bit fussier.


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Those are all good points. I understand much of what you say. However, it would be nice if some of my points were addressed.
Why do plasmas need to be so hard to set up?
Why do so many have faults (sorry 'features')?
I'm sorry, but for the amount of money you guys are spending I would like something that is a bit more reliable and user friendly.
It's not so much about discernment, it's about value for money. Some of you guys seem to be pretty upset about the amount of money you have spent and what you have got in return, both in quality and reliability. Add to those two the dreadfull customer service many of you are experiencing.

Style over substance maybe?


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Hmmm....coming on a Plasma specific forum and quoting "style over substance"...are you trying to get flamed, or what??!! :suicide: :suicide: :p

Maybe time you went back to the TV forum :D



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It is many people that are receiving dreadful customer service.
Fujitsu owners are pleased with their service.

There is a problem with Panasonic with a build in fault from last August/Sept and their sometime incompetent dealing with it, but many owners have had reasonable service, of course they will generally not post.
I just dread the day I need to call them, but I'm trying to stay optimistic that this will not be necessary, or by that time they have improved.

That said, I bought plasma for 2 main reason, 1) I don't have space for a 3 foot deep TV in my narrow living room, 2) I can stand bendy pictures !
I also think that my Panasonic HD actually has a better picture than my friends Toshiba 36", with 0 pixel breakup unlike his TV.

I do agree the picture is not quite as sharp as CRT and there is very occasional banding, but I'm still happy with my picture and it has not been properly set up yet.


Joe Fernand

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Adjusting a Plasma Display or Plasma TV by eye to get an 'agreeable' picture is no harder than doing the same on the majority of CRT TV's; in fact its probably easier as the Plasma usually has more fine tuning adjustments.

'Calibrating' a Plasma Display or PlasmaTV by eye using a 'Tune' up DVD is usually easier than doing the same on a CRT - for a start you don't have to spend hours and hours on geometry; which is never correct on today's 'built to a price' CRT's.

Calibrating a Plasma Display or PlasmaTV correctly using a Colour Analyser and a trained ISF technician is again no harder than doing a CRT and again possibly slightly easier in that you don't have geometry issues.

Plasma screens tend to have a different look to CRT TV's and whilst every plasma has its own effect on the picture you view so do CRT's - there is not some generic super CRT image; otherwise why not just purchase the cheapest big screen CRT from Tesco's.

A 21" Broadcast Reference CRT will outperform the best that Plasma has to offer - but at about £5K; imagine how much a Reference 42" CRT would cost.

For the last five years we've been supplying primarily Pioneer Plasma TV/Display and Panasonic Plasma Display and apart from the odd problem these must be the most bullet proof bits of Consumer kit you can purchase - when there are problems its always better to deal through your DEALER as dealing direct with the likes of Panasonic Consumer can be hazardous to your health (I don't deal with Panasonic Consumer!!!).

If you want a PlasmaTV to replace your current CRT look no further than the Pioneer 04HDE units - set one of these up in your living room and you'll wonder why you took so long to jump aboard with PlasmaTV; you can have an 04HDE up and running in no more or less time than your average big box wide screen TV and if you had them both in your living room I know which one you'd keep and which went back in its box!

If you want to optimise the picture use a set-up DVD like 'Avia' or 'Home Theatre Tune Up' (both from Ovation software) and if you want to get as close to reference as the plasma will allow its £250 for a full ISF calibration.

Best regards

Joe Fernand

PS Where do I plug my PC into on the CRT's :)


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Albeit with a few initial niggles, I am really glad I took the plunge and went for plasma.

I couldn't go back to CRT now, and if you make the effort you can get normal TV pictures as good, or even better than, a CRT...and DVD, well this is just amazing with a good DVD player...

Get the right kit, connect it properly and use decent cables and say goodbye to CRT ;)...and believe me I was very doubtful/cynical about CRT vs Plasma a few months ago :D

Even the wife is still saying how great the picture is compared to our old 32" Panny and that must be a good sign!!!! :smashin:



Pioneer 434.........Cannot fault in any way at all.

Had it one month and mainly watch freeview. I was happy with the picture quality from my old CRT, but wanted bigger. Now I have bigger and better PQ. Simple.

How many times have you mulled a decision over for ages and then gone for it. You always think you should have done it long ago.

My final thought :)........



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Fair enough. One of you must have magical powers. My 5 year old 32" hitachi CRT (it has a pc input by the way) has just this evening started flickering............ok lay off the voodoo doll!!!

It's been nice to hear some success stories though.


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My CRT is doing that too - I think it's great! It means I've convinced my other have that we need a new tv and she's agreed we should get a 23" LCD.

I know it'll need calibrated and have not the best blacks but it will be bigger than the present telly and have progressive scan, perfect geometry, no blooming and perfect convergence.

It can also be used for internet surfing as using a projector is a bit overkill and not easy at only 960x540 resolution.


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Odd you should say that. My wife noticed the flickering the other day, I told her that we could probably get it fixed but to my surprise she said. "well, we've had it for five years-it probably isn't worth fixing--what about one of those plasma thingies you were talking about the other day!!!!)
Time to eat humble pie---and the search is on.
To be fair, we probably wont buy until we move house (6 months or so) so I am going to learn as much as i can.


Good idea, you'll be really confused by then:D No seriously, it's a good idea to research it well, it's a lot of dosh to lay out on a whim.


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Treat me gently - first posting here...:blush:

I am so glad I found this forum.

Ok, my present scenario is that I am still perservering with old 25"Nicam 4:3 Sony (KVX something or other). Looked at going widescreen a few years back but was so unimpressed with picture quality that didn't.

Now - looking again. Getting more and more ****** off with bits of picture I am missing both on broadcasts and DVD.

SWMBO has also added to enthusiasm by saying "what about one of those thin plasma thingys......"

What more encouragement does a chap need?

Well I'll tell you what - somewhere where a realistic comparison of different screens can be made, where they are all set up properly, with a decent incoming signal etc etc

I like idea of Plasma/LCD but have real misgivings over picture...Having said that I just got a 15" Samsung for use as TV/PC monitor in study and its great!

So, should I
1. Bite bullet and buy plasma - Hitachi CL32PD3000 seems great buy at Richer for £1750.....
2. Buy Philips LCD 30PF9975 - not totally convinced on picture quality
3. Buy Pic Frame 2 Tosh CRTv.....
4. Just buy a 28" CRTV for £500 now and wait for LCD market to develop more...

Any views welcomed!!:eek: :eek:


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You said it yourself really - have a look at the various options alongside each other.

A good selection can be seen at John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway (M4/M5 intersection so could be near you?)

Just personal view - if your budget is under £2k stick with CRT - Tosh/Philips/Panny. LCD not yet good enough IMHO but getting there. With plasma you get what you pay for in spades. Don't go below £2.5K for basic monitor type display - Panny is good and can be had for ca. £2.7k. If i were buying now choice would be between Pio 434, latest Fujitsu. Hitachi has good reports but I've not seen one.


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Thanks Philip

I've been thinking that way (i.e. stick with CRT) but then along came that deal on the Hitachi and it got me thinking again.................:blush: :eek:

£1750 for a plasma, which has been well reviewed in the past, and comes with stand, speakers and tuner, seems a heck of a deal........

But I can't find one to look at......:confused: :( :(


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They have one in dixons cardiff. I think it's priced there for 2500. Don't be put off by the picture, they have it connected really badly.


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If its the Hitachi clone of the Panny 5, buy it. Many people think the Panny 5 was better than the 6.

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