decided against Tosh 900; how about Pioneer 747?


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Thanks for paying attention, folks.

OK, my list is narrowing (I hope) - having found that the Toshiba 900e does not play sVCDs it's out of the frame.

The Pioneer 747 appears to play these (and everything else too), and I'm guessing is a better player than the new 656 (anyone care to contradict?). It also has two SCARTS, which is a bonus in my cable hell.

I've searched all that has been said before on the merits of the two, but here's the one unanswered question - will I noticed a benefit in sound +/- video over my (dead) Sony 725?

If I go with the 747, there seems to be a heck of a price range out there:

Leading Edge: £600 RCE-friendly region-free

Techtronics: £645 - £873 region-free and various options (PAL prog and Macrovision)

That's a heck of a variation!

I don't need Prog Scan yet, and have had no problems in the past with Techtronics - which is the therefore the best mod chip for the price?


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hi gwynne,

i know you're going for the pioneer(good choice),but just to let you know that the SD900E can play DVD-R/RW, i think that makes up for the SVCD ;)

pioneer A104 pc dvd-r/rw writer
denon 3801 amp
kef 2005


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Yes, but the Pioneer will play *anything*. I don't have a DVD burner on my Mac (yet); until then the g'parents are going to have to put up with me making SVCDs of my little one; the trouble is I need something to test them on...


That's great if it's the case - certainly doesn't make the decision any harder! I'm interested that you say that as a Tosh owner.

My knee-jerk reaction is to avoid Techtronics on this occasion, given the "press" they get in this forum. I like the way Upgrade Heaven are happy to participate, and thus are inclined to go with them. What are Leading Edge like? I assume they are Grey Imports, but either way they are pretty cheap (£100 cheaper than everyone else). The other option is HiFiBitz - they appear to be UK stock, at a reasonable £699.

Thanks both.


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Leading edge are great and the Tosh is not a grey import, its a UK Model.

I would certainly recomend them to anyone and I will certainly shop there again :)

Another Tosh 900 buyer from these forums who bought at the same time as me got a dead on arrival one and allthough thats bad Leading edge sent him another straight away on next day delivery and collected the dead one.

I know its a tiny bit of a step down but the Tosh is VCD compatiable and i'm sure you can get svcd's to work as long as you change the sound format to 44khz instead of 41 khz.
I havn't looked into it that much as I use DVDR.

Just think of how cheap dvd writers are now sub 200 quid and blank discs such as the Vivastar ones I use which the Tosh loves are £50 for 100 :) you can also get discs as cheap as 25p each now but I tend to avoid them.

Also bear in mind the Tosh is a £1300 piece of kit and some places still sell at at £1000.

DVD Audio Discs sound superb on it as well and i've been considering getting a stand alone SACD player but after reading so many threads here that SACD isn't that great I'm not going to bother.

If I can be of any further help just let me know.


BTW if your anywhere near Staffordshire your welcome to come and have a demo.


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JSW, is right they are not grey imports,my SD900E is a uk model :).



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Originally posted by Gwynne
Techtronics: £645 - £873 region-free and various options (PAL prog and Macrovision)
Apart from avoiding TT for their reported awful CS, bear in mind their printed prices *exclude* VAT, which makes that 747 pretty expensive.. :rolleyes:


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OK. all - Leading Edge it is! Now you're all trying to confuse me into getting the Tosh, aren't you? I'm goin gto give LE a call & see what the stock levels are & take it from there.

You call a post like that *help*?? Buy the dearer player then a DVD writer then all those blank DVDs then a SACD player. I'd bloomin' well love to, but my wife... ;)

I realise the Tosh in a genuine bargain at the price and that it is one idustrial-strength player. I've had more experience with Toshiba than Pioneer, and tend to trust them more too. Likewise, SACD playback isn't 100% necessary as I also think DVD-A sounds better. Shame it won't output through digital, but there we are .

Thanks for the kind offer to listen, but I'm exciled to Norfolk for a couple of years!


Blow me - I hadn't noticed that one. Nail and coffin spring to mind.


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hi JSW,

i've tryed princo RW 1.05p,white lable RW 88p,choice 2x 89p,e-Proformance R 94p.

all work with no problems :)



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Originally posted by JSW
You won't be dissapointed.

Unless they got no stock of course.

They don't have stock for 7 days, but delivery expected then. And the winner is (cue drumroll )... the Toshiba

Thanks, folks: I look forward to changing my sig with glee...


Having just received my Tosh SD900E from LE concepts I have to say that it is a good choice from a good supplier!
I had to wait about 2 weeks for delivery, but other than that they gave a great service.:)

phone them up and ask for a discount!!! It worked form me:D

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