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I'm helping a nonprofit hook up some audio and one thing they need is an extender for audio only (at this point), in order to relay the source audio to the back of the room, to a smaller amp they want set up there.

There are a TON of audio/video transmitter/receivers on the market, some at rather low prices. But how GOOD are they?

We want something which will be fairly solid in terms of reception up to 100'-200'. However it doesn't need to have anything other than stereo audio. Heck, mono audio would do if it's the only thing available at a good price.

Price IS an issue, but I don't want to recommend junk to them which will have static or dropouts at 50' or when someone walks across the room.

Any suggestions on something to buy which delivers bang for the buck?


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Forget about any of the cheap wireless video senders, they will simply not be stable enough for an audio link. Digital would be better, but there may be some delay, which would be unwelcome - unless you need to add delay to the rear speakers to time align them!

I would look at an In Ear Monitor (IEM) transmitter like this: LD Systems MEI100-X IEM In Ear Monitoring System - but discard the receiver and pair it to a radio mic receiver instead Sennheiser EW300 G2 True Diversity Receiver 300 - 830-866Mhz CH70 UK | eBay This would do. Look for a diversity receiver, as this will be much more stable and less prone to drop out.

Simply tune them to the same channel and you will have a legal, stable mono audio link. It won't be perfect, as the compressing and expanding (Companding) algorithm will not quite match and possibly the frequency response will have some lift at low or high frequencies, but to feed a remote amp, I think you will find this is fine. You will also need to turn off any pilot tones (Used for squelch controls), but again this won't be an issue for you.

I have done this for temporary audio links up to about 1Km outdoors without issue, so see no reason why 100' indoors in not entirely achievable.


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Thanks for the suggestion. We have a couple wireless laxs and a decetn shure wireless mic which work fine for mics, a good 100' or more away, so I thought something with the same tech would suffice. We have a couple unused (not quite as good) wireless units and I wonder if working with those for the signal to the back amp would work. It would be mono, but it would allow for sound to be heard in the back of the ballroom, especially when it's a deep room.

And for the record, yes, digital delays would be completely unacceptable in the same room.


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Good stuff, worth a play then!

You might want to time align (Delay) the audio to the back of the hall, as it will sound quite odd otherwise. A Berhinger Shark for £40 or so has enough delay built in for this sort of thing.

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