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Decent system?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Ian in Northamp, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Ian in Northamp

    Ian in Northamp

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    My daughter has decided she wants a DVD player for Christmas. However, as her old all-in-one hi-fi has packed up, I thought what I'd do is to get her a system that would double as an audio system as well as a video system. Originally, I thought I'd have to get her a DVD player, separate amp and a couple of speakers - but then I began to realise that perhaps one of these 'home theatres in a box' might work - and might be less expensive. Am I right - that she could play not only DVDs but also CDs on such a thing? Second question is, I'd be looking to spend up to £150. Can I reasonably expect to get anything decent for that? I know you can get these things for well under £100 (which I'm sure aren't very good - usually brands I've never heard of), so I'm hoping that £150 will get me something a little better. Does anyone have any recommendations? As she'll be playing DVDs through a portable 14" TV, video quality doesn't need to be desperately impressive - but I'd like to get her something with decent sound. Any/all inputs gratefully received. Thanks!

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