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Decent quality power splitter?


Active Member
So, I've got my Sat Nav (Becker 7827) installed in my Merc 190E and am taking power from the cigarette lighter socket which is in the ashtray.

Problem is, the power adaptor has a straight plug, rather than the angled one that my old one had and the cable runs a bit too close to the gear lever for my liking (it's a stiff coiled lead, so short of installing a clip to train it in place, I need another option).

I don't really want to hard wire the lead in (I considered it but don't want to void the warranty), so I'm thinking of getting a splitter that I can either chop the plug off and wire in permanently or preferably, one with a short enough plug that it's less likely to be a problem.

Anyone got any recommendations as to a decent one at a reasonable price?
I only actually use the one socket at the moment, so I don't necessarily need a triple or quad port one but I'll entertain the idea of any that are of a reasonable quality.

Main priority would be one with a short plug, as I say but I'm prepared to chop & hard wire it, so my next priority is build quality, followed by value for money.

Wotcha got for me? :)


Senior Moderator
Fitting a second socket may be a neater solution, would that be possible?


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It did cross my mind briefly but there aren't any decent scrapyards round this neck of the woods.
I used to be spoilt for choice living in the Midlands... you could find a scrappy pretty much anywhere within a four mile radius, if not a mile, in places. :(

Good thought though. If no recommendations are forthcoming, I'll see if I can find another 190E breaking on my travels and match one up. :smashin:


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Mmm. That looks okay. :)
I'll have to size up my dash tomorrow and see if there's anywhere unobtrusive I could stick one.

I did hope to avoid hacking it about if poss though, so am still up for potential recommendations of decent sealed units. :thumbsup:

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