Decent picture of Toshiba 28ZD26


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The stand on the 28 inch dz26 looks a bit pants from the images I've seen. I've never found one in a shop so was wondering if anyone has one and has photos of it. Am seriously thinking of getting one and the aesthetic issue is a bit of a put off.

The one on the toshiba site is...




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I had a 28zd26P and the stand is rubbish, come to think of it so was the TV, i ended up getting it replaced for a 28ls60 which is alot better.


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yeah the sony is by far and away my first choice but I have a Pioneer 525 which is probably going to incompatible, according to the recent complaints.

sigh, new player coming as well, i guess


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Why don't you take your Pioneer 525 DVD player into a local shop and try it out on the LS60 with RGB?
This should tell you whether the 525 has the same problem as reported with the 444 and 545.
I tried the Pioneer 545 with the Sony LS60 and saw the problem straight away with bright outdoor scenes.


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