Decent mobile with FM transmitter?


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An anyone recommend an Android or Windows phone with a built in FM transmitter please? Only recent phone I can find is the Nokia N8.


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Well you learn something every day.

This is the first time I have ever seen a phone with a FM transmitter. I assume it’s able to stream music to a FM radio receiver.

Most Android phones that do this sort of thing do so using BlueTooth streaming.

My in-car media centre does this via BT but I can also see the advantages of a FM transmitter for standard car radio but know of none other that can do FM, but then again before reading this thread I would have said it can’t be done.:laugh:


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Nokia have been putting fm transmitters for a long time in quite a lot of their smartphones - I'm currently using the C7 and use the transmitter in the car quite a lot. Really dont know about other makes, but it isn't a very common feature and I would love to see more manufacturers putting them in. I can't find any androids that have it, dont know if Nokia have plans to put it in a windowsphone. The N8/C7 era nokia phones are very good in my opinion, but they are phasing out symbian OS so I can't really recommend it
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