Decent DVD DAC Desired


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Quick question - Would the Tosh 220 DAC be a substantial improvement over my current Marantz SR6200 DAC.

Help much appreciated, looking to upgrade my Sony NS300 R2 DVD player for improved music quality so I can use the DAC of the new DVD player!

Is the new DV4300 a nice player from Marantz? Or the DVD-900 from Denon? Either would go nicely with my amp :)

Thanks, Matt

You're certain to get better CD sound from the decoding on your 6200, rather than a SD220. Do a search on DVD players with decent CD sound and you'll get about a million results...


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Try and take a listen to the Rotel RDV 995, ex dem for about £400

Fantastic CD replay but only s video out (but it is a good s video out !)


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Thanks for the replies, but the Rotel is over my budget :( (which is under £300).

I'm tempted by the Denon DVD-900 at £200 multi-region, but I need to make sure the audio upgrade is substantial.

Any views on the DVD-900 would be v useful.

Now time to rob the bank. Cya! :clown:

Mate - for that sort of budget you're not going to get better PCM conversion unless you buy a dedicated CD player...and even then not necessarily...stick with the 6200...


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While I won't deny the fact that a CDP connected via analog sounds different (I don't say better!) from a DVD connected via digital the limiting factor is and still will be the AV amplifier/receiver itself. My "audiophile" friend and me couldn't hear much of a difference between his CDP and my DVD connected to a Yamaha DSP-A1 - and when it comes to common Pop/Rock recordings ... well, the whole thing becomes pointless anyhow.

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