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Hi guys,

Once my contract with O2 is over in a couple of months, I'm planning on changing to virgin's 30mb fibre optic. Currently, my router is on the ground floor of a 3 storey house and I have a boxee box hardwired to it to enable me to watch Netflix (using unblock us) without any lag. My main desktop is on the first floor, where wifi signal is acceptable. However I'll be moving this to the second floor soon as we make way for a baby, and the quality of the signal on the third floor does deteriorate. There's also an Xbox on the groundfloor, a couple of laptops, smartphones and an iPad.

Here lies my dilemma - I keep reading that virgin's superhub isn't great. I also read that it is dual band but not concurrently - I think that means I have to manually select either 2.5 or 5mhz but am not sure if that's true or which frequency is best!

My choices include:

Run ethernet cable from ground all the way to third floor to reach desktop
Home plugs on each floor (av500?)
Purchase a router and use the superhub as a modem - since the SH won't let me change the dns settings.
A certain combination of the above to give most options in case one doesn't work
Hope for the best!

I do have a large antenna to boost the signal but the superhub doesn't come with a removable antenna so there isn't a way of attaching mine to it - at present I'm favouring purchasing another router, which will enable me to replace the antenna as well as access the dns settings.

Is anyone on virgin fibre and/or can anyone advise in the best course of action please?

If the router option is the best - does anyone have any recommendations for something at a decent price that will do the trick?

Thank you all for your help.


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You cannot go wrong with your first option which is to run an ethernet cable from the router on the ground floor to the top floor and whilst you are at it make sure you run two cables. Go wired whenever you can.

You will also have the option of creating a wireless access point with the second connection back to your router should you chose to do so.

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