Decent Demo (and help me make up my mind please)

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    This is doing my head in now - been looking at reviews and TV's since October

    I think I need some help :lease:

    First; where do you guys get decent demos in the South (Hants area) ? all the big stores use a UHF feed which lets face it is not going to look too good on an LCD or PDP.

    Sony shops are OK - but then who wants a Sony as none of them are HD compatible (HDCP issue)

    Do I need to take a trip to TCR?

    While I'm begging for advice I am currently tending towards the 32 inch Philips (9986) but do thing the border looks a bit large against the screen. The Sharps are hard to get a some say not good with Sky+, whatever I get has to match up to my old CRT (32" Sony Wega).

    LCD or plasma - don't care really just want best quality for sky+ - but no screen burn from logo's thanks.
    Distance from screen 8-16 foot
    must support HDCP
    be nice if it works well with HTPC

    budget 2K

    Appreciate the help - hope I have not bored you.
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    Dumfries, SW Scotland.
    Save yourself a lot of grief and go get yourself a 9986.


    Wait another 3-4 months and get the new Philips 9380. Liable to be a bit dear though....

    I started my quest for a new TV about the same time as you, and I reviewed and tested loads of TV's. (Thanks Peter Tyson) I eventually whittled it down to a showdown between the Sharp and the Philips. The Philips was the comfortable winner, especially on PQ with dicey sources.

    I've just watched 'A Few Good Men' on C5 and the PQ is astonishing. (C5 is a particularly good Sky channel for Picture Quality)

    PM me for some screenshots if you want.


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