Decennial TV upgrade, 75"-ish

Alex Tokenomist

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Hello guys,

I'm looking for a new TV. Changing TV every ~10 years.


Netflix SDR and HDR content ~20 hours/week.
PC gaming ~25 hours/week. Non-competitive games.
Background video ~40 hours/week. Fireplace, rain, etc. So LCD only.

Video source from Chromecast or PC to sync room lighting with TV, so won't use TV native apps.
Have a three-year-old GPU (1060) on PC (handle ~4k30 on most games), so image interpolation in game mode is appreciated.
Viewing position angle 0-20°. Viewing distance 2.4m (~8")

Would like good black levels in HDR movies and a nice picture in games.

~1500eu for 65",
~2250eu for 75",
~3000eu for 85".
75" would fit the best. Can overspend ~+10%. Spending less would be better though.

Living in Europe.

TVs that sparked my interest:

Samsung 65" qn95a for 1660eu
TCL 65" C825 for 1270eu
Samsung 75" qn95a for 2500eu
Samsung 85" qn85a for 2960eu (VA panel)

Any advice is appreciated.



It's probably worth downgrading to the Q85A for the sake of going for an 85" model. You lose brightness and some local dimming performance, but you're still getting a good TV.

And if you don't want to go bigger than 75" you can't really buy a better TV than the QN95A.

All Samsung's will give you interpolation without adding input lag.
The only reservation to Samsung models is poorer picture quality in game mode. Not much you can really do about that, as they tone down the local dimming to keep input lag so low.

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