Debut of World’s First LED Pocket Project with Integrated USB Drive



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BenQ Redefines Innovation with New Joybee GP1 Mini Projector

Irvine, CA - June 1, 2009 – The modern tech-savvy, digital-media-on-demand consumer has yet another awesome BenQ offering to look forward to today: the lamp-less, PC-free Joybee GP1 Mini LED Projector. Debuting as the world's first pocket projector with lamp-free LED technology and integrated USB video reader, the tiny 1.4lb (640g) Joybee is packed with advanced features to effortlessly project a variety of multimedia applications that consumers of any age group might need, such as movies, photos, console games, and home videos. The Joybee also amplifies the enjoyment and impact of various mass storage devices (such as external High Definition Devices), digital cameras, personal multimedia players, PDAs, iPods, iPhones, and Smartphones.

Boasting anywhere, anytime projection with its superb portability and display brilliance, the Joybee GP1 is ideal for users of all ages. The effortless plug-and play application along with color correction makes the Joybee terrific for travel, sleepovers, or even loading movies or family photos/video onto a USB thumb drive and utilizing large-screen viewing in any location with a flat viewing surface.
Projecting displays larger than any comparably priced TV, the Joybee is much more versatile, portable, economical, and easier to use since it doesn't require a PC. Kids can add instant “WOW” to sleepovers by connecting to gaming consoles or DVD players or they can impress teachers by using it for school presentations. Traveling business professionals can use the Joybee and USB reader for corporate videos, jpeg-format presentations, job interviews, or spur-of-the-moment projections in the lounge, coffee house, or even the smallest cubicle.
Imagine mailing a tiny USB thumb drive loaded with family videos and pictures to Great-grandma; she just needs to plug it into the Joybee, turn it on, and the auto play mode will get the show going!
The Joybee's unrivaled 120% NTSC and 100AL project photos, design renderings, and videos (such as virtual home tours) in high-impact color, even in fully-lit settings. Compared to the average 55%-80% NTSC of most projectors, the Joybee noticeably outperforms with bolder, more deeply saturated hues across a broader color gamut. The 15-80” image in 4:3 native format (16:9 selectable) is adjustable with digital zoom and preset picture PC and A/V modes. Auto play modes, auto keystone, auto search, and Wall Color Correction get content up and running fast, while the integrated speaker delivers instant digital sound. Ample connectivity includes D-Sub, Composite, and USB inputs, and PC audio output. A detachable iPod/iPhone docking station is available as a clever option.
The Joybee is certified RoHS, WEEE, and EuP, draws 30% less power than competitor models, and has a <1W standby mode, making it environmentally friendly. BenQ would also like consumers to consider that the cost of the Joybee is about the same as nine family movie nights at the local theater, which includes tickets for four, popcorn, and drinks. The Joybee also lasts longer with a 20,000+ LED life for years of ongoing entertainment in a variety of functions.
To kick-off the Joybee launch, BenQ will be hosting an online contest, asking consumers to submit ideas (via video clips) for fun family activities. The contest is to not only promote the Joybee, but also to generate and share ideas for cost-effective family activities and to Bring Enjoyment &#8216;N' Quality to Life during these hard economic times. The contest reflects BenQ's corporate motto and ties in with a principal Joybee benefit: bringing families amplified, big-screen enjoyment at a petite price tag. Ideas submitted by consumers need not incorporate use of the Joybee.
The Joybee GP1 Mini Projector will be available in the U.S. in June with an MSRP of $499. Please visit for more information.
Visit Mr. Jorbee & GP1 on YouTube!
YouTube - Spend Less Get More: BenQ GP1 Joybee mini Projector

* About BenQ Corporation
BenQ Corporation, a leading provider of networked digital lifestyle devices, is a multi-faceted company with strengths in mobile communications, visual display and network and digital convergence technologies. BenQ offers unrivalled breadth and depth of products and integrated technologies across platforms through the brand promise of &#8220;Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life,&#8221; including digital projector, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop PCs, storage devices, media and human interface devices such as mice and keyboards. 2007 revenues of BenQ Corporation exceeded US$1.83 billion dollars.*1
* About BenQ Group
The BenQ Group is currently comprised of 12 companies that operate independently while sharing resources and leveraging synergies among them. The BenQ Group companies include BenQ Corporation, AU Optronics Corporation (world's top 3 manufacturers of large-size TFT-LCD panels), Qisda Corporation, Darfon Electronics Corporation, Daxon Technology Inc., Daxin Materials Corp., BenQ Guru Software Co., BenQ Hospital, Darwin Precisions, Ltd, Raydium Semiconductor Corporation, Cando Corporation and Wellypower Co., Ltd. 2007 revenues of BenQ Group exceeded US$26 billion dollars.
*1 including consolidated revenue of branded business before being separated from manufacturing business.


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OK, lots of marketing talk. Next time maybe specs could be clearer?
After all this site is mainly for clued up people.


you bet! LED is like 10 times of the tranditional UHP lamp! Regular LED life is about 20,000 hrs at least.

eric pisch

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id be interested in playing with one, would like to know how the device gets a display purely from the usb port

100 ansi is very dim thou, a normal projector with 2000 ansi can be got for 30% less than this although u have the bulb costs, and in my experience 1000-1200 ansi struggles on a bright day


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After many months, I'm still waiting for a very simple answer on this one.

One of the implied advantages of using LEDs on a DLP projector is that you can theoreticcally eliminate, or at least substantially reduce RBE, due to the fact tyhat LEDs can 'blink' on/off faster than the speed of a single-chip DLP's colour wheel.

So can someone please take a copy of Sin City to somewhere and demo this?



Steve W


For more information, please contact:
<O:pMia Shen<O:p
(949) 255-9481<O:p
Fax: (949) 255-9581
<O:pEmail: [email protected]<O:p

BenQ to Pre-Sale First Shipment of New Joybee GP1 LED Mini Projectors with 30-Day Risk-Free Trial<O:p

IRVINE, CA, June<INS cite=mailto:lesa.kao dateTime=2009-03-16T10:23></INS>16, 2009 – BenQ’s recent launch of the Joybee GP1 Mini LED Projector spread big-time joy with a massive media splash, a “Spend Less. Get More. Enjoyment Matters!” story-sharing contest, and an “Enjoyment Matters Giveaway” of products and gift cards. Aiming to bring even more enjoyment and quality to life, BenQ continues to excite Joybee interest with a Pre-Order Event now through June 30, 2009. Consumers will want to logon to the BenQ e-Store ASAP since BenQ expects the limited 200-unit reserve to go fast, especially with the event’s exclusive free shipping offer and no-risk 30-day trial period.
Our belief is that the fun-loving Joybee is the digital device of the times, capturing the spirit of spontaneous fun, reflecting the personality of the consumer, and defining the American culture of today,” said Ben Chu, President, BenQ America Corp. “That’s why we are offering this limited-quantity Pre-Order Event. We truly believe that during the 30-day free trial, consumers will be smitten with the Joybee’s versatility, ease-of-use, and how it naturally and seamlessly elevates everyday life.”
Consumers can pre-order a Joybee at the BenQ e-Store ([/FONT] from now until June 30. BenQ sweetens the pre-order deal with free shipping to the consumer and a risk-free, no-hassle 30-day trial period. BenQ will collect credit card information at time of pre-order, but will not process payment until the Joybee has shipped. Within the 30-day trial period, consumers may return the Joybee for whatever reason and receive a full refund on their credit card. Return shipping is not covered. After the 30-day trial period, BenQ will offer same-model exchange only should there be defects in the product. With just 200 units available for this Pre-Order promotion, BenQ encourages consumers to act quickly to ensure they are guaranteed a Joybee for the free 30-day trial offer.
In just a short span since its release, the Joybee has attained an enthusiastic following with raves and reviews posted on YouTube and Twitter. Positioned as the world’s first pocket projector with lamp-less LED technology and integrated USB video reader, the tiny 640g (1.4lb) Joybee is packed with advanced features to effortlessly run numerous multimedia applications that consumers of any age group might need: movies, photos, games, and videos from various mass storage devices, digital cameras, personal multimedia players, PDAs, iPods, iPhones, game consoles, and Smartphones. The unique USB reader takes movies, presentations, and more on the go – just load the latest motion picture, family photos/videos, or PowerPoint (saved as JPEG) onto a USB thumb drive and enjoy large-screen viewing anywhere…no notebook required. The Joybee can read MPEG-1 and MJPEG video; MPEG-1 layer 2 and PCM audio; and JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF image files. ArcSoft<SUP>®</SUP> Media Converter will come standard to convert almost any audio/video file to a readable format. An unrivaled 120% NTSC and 100 ANSI lumens deliver high-impact images, even in lit settings.
Among the Joybee’s fan base is, who awarded the Joybee 4.5 stars (out of 5) and the coveted Editor’s Choice Award in their June 9 online review. In addition, the GP1 is also the first projector to earn the PCMag GreenTech Approved seal for its mercury-free LED light source, lead-free glass (in the lens system), automatic power-off feature, and RoHS compliance. The Joybee is further certified WEEE and EuP, draws 30% less power than competitor models, and has a <1W standby mode for environmental joy.<O:p</O:pThe BenQ Joybee GP1 offers more than enough to make it a strong contender for business travelers who want extreme portability and for home users who want to project video games at a large size or watch the occasional movie. Moreover, you don't need to a carry a computer or video source to be able to use it – just a USB key. For the moment, at least, it's the most impressive palmtop you can get, and our new Editors' Choice,” said M. David Stone, the projector for the first time was a no-brainer. Once you plug-in your source – laptop, iPod, USB drive, etc. – and power it up, there’s not much else to do. From unpack to onscreen, I had the BenQ projecting amazingly vibrant 80-inch images off my MacBook Pro in less than 5-minutes. Try finding a TV that will do that under $500,” said Ellen Barone who hosts a blog for travel-related gadgets.<O:p
To educate consumers and generate Joybee awareness, BenQ is hosting an online contest – “Spend Less. Get More. Enjoyment Matters!” story-sharing – asking consumers to submit ideas for low-cost activities that are big on fun. The contest is to not only promote the Joybee, but to generate and share ideas for cost-effective entertainment that Brings Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life during these hard economic times. Ideas submitted by consumers need not incorporate use of the Joybee. In addition, all participants as well as visitors to the Joybee microsite at BenQ Joybee Mini Projector GP1 can enter for a chance to win great prizes in the “Enjoyment Matters” Giveaway. The Joybee wholly embodies BenQ’s spirit of Enjoyment Matters,” said Chu. “Its versatility, all-in-one multimedia capability, and easy affordability all promote digital lifestyle fun that transcends limitations of budget, mobility, and setting. Our Joybee story-sharing contest hopes to inspire people to the same goal with activities that create fun, spread joy, cost little, and keep life lookin’ great!”
The Joybee GP1 Mini Projector is available in the U.S. for $499 MSRP. Please visit BenQ USA - Home for complete product, Pre-Order Event, and consumer contest information.

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