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My Daewoo combined vcr/dvd recorder is now giving problems.
Although it says that the recording has been completed correctly it is in fact faulty as only part of the dvd can be viewed on my computer, usually about 75% from the start Hence I cannot copy the disc to another format.

Anyone else had this problem? Oh by the way the fast forward or reverse on playback is now intermittent? Works less than refuses to work.


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All the problems you describe can be explained by poor quality or poor compatibility disc media.

Try different higher quality discs.


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Thank you Gavtech.

The disks I am using are made by Phillips, how do I assess the quality of the disks we buy? They are certainly not the cheapest!


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Thanks for the info bonzobanana. I did not realise that Phillips were anything less than a top class brand.

However I should have known more about this as I have a friend who sells dvds as a profession worldwide, and he asserts that the disks are made in the same factory and on the same machines; however they are tested at the end of the production process and those that make the grade have a top-brand label/price and those that don't are sold cheaply at car boot sales!


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I don't think its like that at all. There are a load of factories around the world all making different quality discs at various prices and there are many rebranding companies that sell on those discs under their own brand. The best manufacturer of discs is Taiyo Yuden of japan part of the Mitsubishi group I think. Verbatim would rebrand those discs so if you can find dvd-rs by verbatim made in japan you are getting the top brand discs. Philips seem to rebranding discs of average to low quality. Verbatim also use lower quality blanks now and those are coming from china and india I think.

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