Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons Blu-ray Review & Comments


They could've borrowed Slayer's Reign in Blood album title for this.
Chiklis certainly fits the corrupted father role, like in The Shield; what with his skewered sensibilities of being a family man and husband, whilst doing the right thing for the justice he seeks in brutal deeds. Sasha Alexander fills the beleaguered wife that did give up everything to be the parent really well. She's convincing in voiced tones of frustration, anger and betrayal but still with a fighting heart that's ready to engage both emotionally and physically.
The story is good and the writing holds up with dark humour sprinkled throughout in battles against foe and between Slade and Adeline. I liked that they also allowed a couple of F-Bombs and when Adeline finally drops, or should I say, launches one at Slade, it feels appropriate and satisfying.
The kids, well, they're OK but it's the adults that are more interesting, Bronze Tiger, William Wintergreen being fun and Jackal is a fine adversary, that never quits or has to give the usual defeated speech - which I was relieved of.
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Really enjoyed this with a good story, very interesting character who was new to me and the animation style was to my taste. The comparison to the Mortal Kombat Scorpion film is apt. DC's animation is where it's at rather than the films.

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