Death Proof / Planet Terror UK Blus


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Planet Terror (2 discs):
English 5.1 True HD
English 5.1 Dolby Digital

subtitles: English SDH, Spanish

Haven't got Death Proof yet, but it looks like they replicate the USA versions.


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I watched US Blu-ray of Death Proof yesterday and thought it looked great upscaled with my UHD TV.

Planet Terror (US Blu-ray again) looked really bad. I didn't watch the scratch n sniff version (that's unwatchable and just daft after a few minutes). The 'clean' version is on disc one in the extras. I was amazed at how bad it looks. I think a lot of it was due to how it was made but the video artefacts made it look like a really good DVD from 1997.

Obviously, I'm not expecting a 4K scan from it but hopefully they'll take another look at it.


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Aren't these pricey now? I have the HMV Grindhouse Limited Edition which has both movies, although I believe they are slightly shorter on runtime, but many prefer these versions of the film. Although I kinda want the full length standalones.


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Yeah, they seem a little bit rare (I think it's only the separately released Blu-rays from most European countries including UK (Momentum Pictures but not HMV Grindhouse version AFAIK), USA (Genius Products) & Australia that have the full fat versions. Lions Gate's Tarantino XX: 20 Years of Filmmaking release seems to have the full fat version of Death Proof.

I think the extra violence suits the films you'd never know it was the extended version. Listening to the directors they were forced to cut the film down with censorship too.

I don't think I ever watched the Grindhouse versions bit late now maybe.

My favourite tat releases:


That's a film can from Australia and the petrol cans are from Germany.

I don't know for sure who owns these 2 films since Weinstein ended up in the pokey. Lantern Entertainment bought TWC's Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight and it looks like they also own Dimension's Grindhouse (the combined versions of Death Proof & Planet Terror).

Lionsgate/Anchor Bay Entertainment look to have the home video distribution rights now for Death Proof & Planet Terror.

I mentioned in another thread that they altered the Red Cross symbol in the hospital scenes in Death Proof and they also altered it in Planet Terror colouring it black too so as not to break the Geneva Convention. You can see both are red in the extras on both discs. Not sure if I noticed that at the cinema or not.


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I wouldn't be able to watch both films in one sitting -would be too much for my brain- so that's why I never watched the Grindhouse release.

I think the single releases would be better called the Gruesome Collection because they're no holds barred but like I said it's not out of place violence/gore. Rodriguez goes into to some of the censor fiddling in the extras.

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