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Dealer Service Level

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Gixer750, May 10, 2005.

  1. Gixer750


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    Just thought I would let you in on my dealings this weekend with my local AV Dealer.

    I know we are all looking for the best deals we can get our latest and greatest equipment for, but the service level I have had from my local dealer if fantastic, and worth paying that little bit extra for.

    As some of you may have read I have recently purchased a Pioneer 505XDE, and just had some building work completed for my new plasma to take pride of place on. Then !pop my yamaha AZ2 amp stopped working. After finding that it was not financially viable to get if repaired, off I went to my local dealers on saturday (Musical Images).

    After explaining my situation, and that I really was looking to wait for the new Yamaha V4600 to be launched in the UK, of possible one of the new Pioneer amps with HDMI switching. I auditioned a number of "Budget-mid priced" AMPS. The dealer then suggested I look at the VSX-2014i-S as a "TEMPORARY" AMP. He then got a new one from it's box and setup it up, taking care to set it up correctly, and even hooking up a set of KHT5005's like mine, and the exact same plasma. :clap:

    After listening to it I decided that is was a good enough to be a temporary solution. (In fact I really loved it). The dealer then totally surprised me by allowing me to "Back-It" to them once the AMP/RECEIVER I really wanted was lunched. The dealer would then give me back the FULL amount I have paid for it, as down payment on the new Upgraded amp I really want, as long as I keep the box, and instructions, and upgraded in 6 months. (Made sure he filled out the paper work correctly for this)...

    I know I have brought a lot of equipment form them over the years, and know them pretty well, but to get this level of service is amazing.

    I also walked away with a new DV-868AVi-S. :clap: and got a really good quality HDMI lead thrown in as well. After checking the prices of this equipment on the web I am still within about £50-£80 of what you guys have been paying.

    This combination of Pioneer products has been greeted with approval with the family, especially after I connected up the SR+ leads (also given free). SR+ plus is amazing for the less "electronic-literate" people in my household, as I switches the Plasma to the correct input (e.g Input1 - RGB Scart, input 3 HDMI, DVD), displays onscreen instructions (Volume, sound mode, etc...).

    All in all I am impressed with my new setup. the picture from the 868 via HDMI to the Plasma is amazing. The sound from the amp, while not as good to my ears as my yamaha, is still great!

    I Will let you know what happens when I do "Upgrade"...

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