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Activision has confirmed its upcoming Deadpool title for a June 28th release on consoles and PC. A smidgen of pre-order incentives were also outlined alongside the announcement, providing Marvel fans with extra reason to join the anti-heroe's adventure.

Those who order from GAME (UK) and Gamestop (Eire) will receive the “Merc with a Map Pack” extras. This will add two new maps (GRT Plaza and Inside the Tower) to Deadpool's Challenge mode, as well as the D-Pooly and Uncanny X-Force bonus costumes for use in the unlockable Infinite mode.

please be good .. hes one of my fave comic book characters


[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB90iXyWpLA"]Deadpool The Game - Interview [Gamescom 2012] - YouTube[/ame]
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Other characters confirmed to appear include Mr. Sinister, Wolverine, Domino, Cable and Red Hulk. The player will control Deadpool who will use both pistol and sword but will also gain access to laser, sledgehammers and other irregular weapons. The character will also frequently break the fourth wall by tapping on the television screen and telling gamers what buttons to push. Nolan North will voice the titular character in a story produced by Marvel Comics writer Daniel Way.

Read more at VIDEO GAMES: Psylocke Confirmed For DEADPOOL
I will be getting this game 100%. Red Hulk? Amazing, sounds exiting to me. I mean if I liked the POTC: At Worlds End game I'm sure to like this lol.

I believe Nolan North has voiced Deadpool before in other media Eurogamer said, probably an animation series?

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Visceral and Funny: Hands-on with Deadpool

The biggest impression I was left with was simply this: This is a Deadpool game. That sounds stupid at face value, but this is a game that truly represents the character, in all his twisted, violent, hilarious, gory glory. Comedy in gaming is difficult to pull off, but the Merc with a Mouth that millions of comics fans love really does come to life in this game. With Nolan North's spot-on voice-acting and longtime comic scribe Daniel Way's snappy dialogue and pop-culture snark, the game already feels as authentically Deadpool as I was hoping it would. I'm optimistic based on what I played, and as an avowed fanboy of the character, June 25 can't come fast enough.

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Because people who buy the upcoming Deadpool game (which looks a hell of a lot like fun) will get codes that will let them buy $5 worth of free Marvel comic books at their nearest comic store, for free.

They hand in the code, retailers get the money back from Marvel, everyone wins.

Okay, they probably means they'll only get one comic book given the $2.99/$3.99 price points. But that still means one or two dollars change towards a second.

The promotion end on September the 23rd, so if you want what amounts to a $5 discount for existing comic buyers off the Deadpool game, you've got until then.

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Behind Deadpool's demented humor, creative script, and brilliant sight gags is a fairly conventional, generic action game. It's not bad, but it's not particularly good, either – and without oodles of hidden secrets or unlockables to discover, there's really no reason to replay it once you've finished. Developer High Moon gets the character and brings the funny, but none of the action finesse that would make Deadpool stand out. If you're a fan of boob jokes and dumb, repetitive, yet mildly fun gameplay, then Deadpool will offer you a weekend's worth of silliness.



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For those that havent played it yet its a great game. Ok its not going to set the world alight, but graphics and the great voice work is perfect. Its got a really good retro feel with some nice panache i really enjoyed it. However the last boss bit little bit repetitive. Did i mention the last boss bit is a little repetitive?

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