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Dead Space Extraction - discussion thread & opinion poll

How do you rate Dead Space: Extraction (please vote only after playing)?

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Active Member
I thought there was already a thread up for this game? Just wanted to make sure it was ok to post here first. I did check your fantastic game list and it wasn't listed there. Anyway, this is definitely on the top of my wishlist of games to get for the Wii this year. I've been reading loads of previews in various game mags and watched the trailers etc and it looks really good. It looks as scary as it does on the other consoles and even though it's on rails it is set to feature some off-rails sections and the game will be constantly pushing you forwards into the necromorphs. Let's just hope it controls well.


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Aha, there it is! So what's the ruling re posting then? Should we post here in the preview thread or in the other thread?
Someone can merge the two whenever they feel like it, i purposely missed out the link for that "will it happen" thread from my list as i felt it was more posing of a question than a definite preview or discussion thread, whatever they decide to do i'll edit the link in my list if the other thread gets priority, though if this happens they may need to change the thread title again :D


Distinguished Member
This was released yesterday here. I take it as this thread has not been bumped up no one here has picked it up ? I'm planning on getting it but the US version is out on Monday so will have to wait a few more days for it to arrive here. I was hoping someone here could have given first hand impressions. The reviews have been pretty good so far with an average rating of 82 on Metacritic.



Active Member
This is a fantastic game! I bought it this week and have been playing it all weekend. I have previously played the first game on my PC so I have some experience with the franchise already.

Well for those of you that have already played the first game on 360/PS3/PC then I can say it compares quite similarly (well as much as an on-rails shooter can). It is genuinely scary at times and both me and my friend found ourselves in blind panics when confronted with hordes of necromorphs and very little ammo.

You can use the Wii Zapper or any other gun-housing peripheral with this game but I'm finding more and more with games of this type that they add little to the control elements and much prefer just holding the wiimote and nunchuck in each hand as normal. Plus I tend to use the nunchuck in my left hand to help balance and keep my wiimote-wielding right-hand more steady and accurate by just resting against it.

Anyway, the plot of the game is quite smilar to the first only this time you're on a planet and have discovered an alien artefact which has sent the inhabitants crazy and changed them into murdering mutants. The game does have bonus features which include comics that you get upon level completion which do a better job of explaining the plot than I do. Although, you don't actually read the comics as it's just a series of comic slideshows with various voice actors speaking the characters parts.

The controls feel very fluid and there weren't any issues at all: the A button is for opening doors/interacting with the environment and solving various puzzles, the B button is for firing or when held down and released can be used for your Stasis abilities (actually that could be the A button, I've forgotten lol). The minus button brings up your HUD/info box so you can select weapons from it (using the thumbstick on the nunchuck) and check what ammo you have for each weapon.

A waggle of the nunchuck itself is your melee attack and a waggle of the wiimote charges up a glow worm for lighting your way. I know the Z and C buttons do something but I can't remember and I don't think I used them much. Sorry this is a terrible review!

The plot is explained via each of the chracters talking to you which is great as you don't have to watch year-long cutscenes, I hate that in games. The action is pretty fast-paced and you can collect various items as the camera pans round the room while said-plot is being waffled about.

The camera is probably the main query people will have about the game, just how restrictive is it for an on-rails shooter? Well, I have to say, it isn't really. Unlike other similar games like House of The Dead Overkill, you don't feel like you're constantly being forced forward at a million miles an hour with very little time to either collect things or to actually sort your aim out. While that game is fun, it is just a frenetic shoot-fest and is over far too quickly because of it.

Because of the nature of the game, in that you have to carefully aim at various bodies parts to slow the monsters down before finishing them off, the game is at a slightly slower pace. But don't get me wrong, it doesn't feel like a slow game, it still manages to feel fast-paced as you have to deal with monsters which come at you thick and fast.

This is where the co-op gameplay comes in brilliantly. There is less a feeling of competing with each other and more of actually surviving/working as a team. One of you can pick off the monsters while the other is trying to solve a puzzle. Plus with some of the puzzles you have to take it in turns to solve it which means you both have to switch over between killing mutants and sorting out the air-lock.

The game looks fantastic also and has great sound/music. This is one of the few games on the Wii where you actually feel submerged in the atmosphere and forget that it's on the Wii. Because the controls feel so good and overall gameplay is great, it feels the same as it would on another console.

I really have to rate this game highly as it manages to be an on-rails shooter that doesn't feel like it's on rails. The camera pans around in much the same as it would if you were controlling it. There are short sections where you get say 30 seconds of free camera movement but this is mainly for collectables/power ups.

I would give this game 9/10 and highly recommend it to everyone.

G a f f e r

Well-known Member
Great review there AfxTwn. In that vein, seeing as it's out, it's about time this received an opinion poll :).

BTW: If you give this game a score of 4 or less, can you please at least justify it with a sensible comment in this thread (READ HERE)? - it is a public poll so EVERYONE can see who posted what (and thread spoiling will result in an infraction). Thank you :thumbsup:


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Can you just play this with normal Wiimote/nunchuk?
Is it any good like that?
I've read a lot of people recommending the Nyko Perfect Shot, but I wanted to try it out first.

G a f f e r

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