Dead Rising Video on the Market Place


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As the title says, pity it wasnt a playable demo. ah well.

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I don't want Daed Rising.... I want Resident Evil 5 man:D


i want and will get both :)
a market place spot normally means a release is near does it not ?

didnt think any theme could beat the penny arcade one then came burnout now my new fave dead rising !!
Its like Romaro lives on my 360!!!

EDIT cant get the gamer pic to show up downloaded it twice nothing its on my hd and mem card


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I heard a few weeks ago work on Resident Evil 5 hadnt even started :rotfl: :rotfl:


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Have to say I am looking forward to Dead Rising.

When its first previews were around it sounded promising, it appears to have gone off the scene lately, so hopefully it is still looking good.

Off topic but, S.T.A.L.K.E.R has gone off the radar the past few months... not looking good for this highly experimental game:thumbsdow


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good trailer.

apperantly you can complete the game by standing still because to complete it you have to play 72 hours of gameplay.:rolleyes: might be wrong though

Indiana Jones

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Really, I thought it was 3 hours of gameplay but that you would need to play it several times to complete all the tasks?


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I'm liking the sound of this one.

Its definitely a bit different, but whether its actually any good in practice though… we'll have to wait for a demo I guess. There's plenty of games that sound good… but never quite turn out right in the end.

Here's a preview that I spotted

Everyone loves Zombies. From their media escalation since Dawn Of The Dead, the brain munching crowd have made many appearances in both Films and Games alike. Capcom are Zombie veterans in the gaming world, with their highly popular and critically acclaimed Resident Evil franchise in the homes of millions of gamers across the globe. With Resident Evil 5 still a while away, Capcom decided on creating a new living dead inspired bag of fun. This zombie tale is just pure entertainment, and shouldn’t be taken seriously. A Game which provides a more comical, and cliched approach. That Game is Dead Rising.

Dead Rising takes place across a 72-hour period (That is 72 hours game time, not how long it will last you) starting you out in classic zombie-movie fashion within a shopping outlet. Yes it may seem very cliched, and anybody could argue that it bases much of the game on the popular Dawn Of The Dead movies. Capcom however, have done numerous things to ensure that Dead Rising isn't called a 'Media Rip-off', and have set some highly intuitive and wonderful gameplay mechanics in order to really keep a player hooked.

The story is fairly ordinary, but comical in itself. You take the role of a Journalist named Frank, who has been called up to investigate a story, which could change his life for good. What Frank doesn’t expect however, is that the Mall he is going to is actually infested with thousands of nibbling Zombies looking for some fresh meat. As soon as he gets there however, Frank realizes that if he does indeed stay, he can get a noble prize winning story, and still manage to escape in a 72 hour time period. To help assist Frank in collecting great photographs, players will be given a camera with a limited roll of film. The better pictures you snap, the higher Frank's story 'Prestige' will go up, so pictures from two miles away just ain't gonna cut it. Really good pictures must be taken in the midst of a Zombie Crowd, so it’s all about snapping quickly, and running like hell. All the Photos will be stored too, so you will be able to see every single one you took after you complete the game. Dead Rising also takes a more Free Roam approach when you are in the Mall. Things you do inside there will effect the ending, so make sure you don't do anything to incriminating, otherwise your face will be on the paper for all the wrong reasons.

Frank won't just be seeing Zombies however. A fairly large group of people will be trapped in the mall, and your side quests will often be to save them. Whether you do or not is up to you, but the more you save, the more will help you out, so its wise to try and rescue as many people as possible. The actual missions who involve you rescuing them are highly humorous, such as carrying a man on your back through thousands of Zombies in order to re-unite him with his outraged wife. Or helping a store clerk from behind his desk, with a room full of zombies vying for his flesh. Doing these small Side-Quests will also result in more Prestige for your story. Headlines such as 'Frank rescues five dilapidated people from living dead' will get you major kudos, and help you become as famous as possible.
In the Mall itself, your going to need something to try and take these Zombies down, and boy, have Capcom provided you with an arsenal. We are not however talking guns. The Weaponry available to you will be, The Mall. Nearly every store is open for you, and nearly everything inside is interactive. This means the likes of Golf Clubs, Vases, Baseballs, Staplers, Chainsaws, Swords, Chairs, Grass-Cutters, Melons and even an Umbrella can be used to beat the Zombies to the ground in a Laugh-out-Loud way. Some will do more damage than others however, so choose wisely. A Chainsaw can slice Zombies like a knife through butter, but it has limited supply. An Umbrella can shove many of them out of the way, but it doesn’t really do anything damage-wise. Then again,if all else fails, why not use a built in weapon? Frank himself can be highly effective. He can Punch and Kick, and also do some very cool looking moves such as ramming a Zombies face to the ground, or picking one up and spinning them in a small circle, shoving all others out of the way. As you progress further through the game, your 'Level' with frequently used weapons will go up, and will make you an Umbrella touting machine if you so wish. Capcom have also introduced a good dose of 'Set-Up' moments, which the players themselves can rig. In the Grocery store for example, players can find large Melons, which can be used as bowling balls. They even come with the great sound effects. In the Gardening Store, You can set a Grass-Cutter to rampage throughout the area, taking down the legs of any Zombie which stands in its way. There is even a great(and highly entertaining)moment outside, where Frank can uses a Golf Club and Ball to tee off and try and hit the green (A Zombies Head in this case)

The AI in the game is very interesting and is a great testament to the hard work of Capcom. Zombies will slowly become smarter as you progress. For instance, at first they are not able to climb objects, but as they watch you do it more and more, they will adapt and begin to figure it out. The same goes for weaponry. As the watch you use a Chainsaw on their fellow kind, the Zombies will start to stay away from anything along the lines of it. Not only this, but they will become faster as you flee from them, and eventually even start to try and use some of the weapons you use.

The Graphics in Dead Rising are looking top notch. The first thing that will inevitably strike you is the amount of Zombies displayed on the scene. In one movie, Frank was stood atop a truck in an underground parking lot. Around him were thousands upon thousands of Zombies, all clamoring for him. These kinds of scenes will not just be restricted to large areas either. In many of the small stores, Frank will be outnumbered by hundreds of Zombies. Speaking of the Living Dead, they are looking as handsome as ever. Capcom have promised that only very few Zombies will look exactly the same, and that quite a few will be 'Boss Zombies' which you will face from time to time. These Zombies are very nasty looking, with their rotting skin slowing peeling off their face, and their bodies a chunk of decaying flesh. This is especially great to see with all the extremely high-resolution textures working in the game. Most notably the stores themselves, with are modeled to perfection, and look superb when wandering around aimlessly. And of course, great looking guts in a Capcom game is a must, and Dead Rising does not disappoint. Chainsaws will rip Zombies up into nothing more than chunks of giblets, and the Grass Cutter will, pretty much turn any Zombie into mush. Be sure that an evil sadistic smile will flash across your face when you find out some of the more gory techniques of killing Zombies as you make your way through the game.

Dead Rising looks set to be one of the most entertaining games for the Xbox 360 when it releases this summer. With so many wonderful and exciting Gameplay choices to be had by the player, it is no wonder Capcom have spent so much time creating the game. Dead Rising's length is still a question, and it is unknown at this point how long it will last someone. But with a game so unique and so much fun as this one, it really shouldn't matter.


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neil c said:
I cant wait for Resi 5.

The last one was one of my fav games. Couldnt get enough of it - it was just pure fun.
Did you try mercenaries mode that was unlocked when you completed it? It basically was a complete arcade mode for Resi 4 and was absolutely stonking fun.

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