dead pixels on panny 300


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Just got my ae300 - wow what a picture!! Even my wife was gobsmacked and thats saying something! But theres a problem...two stuck pixels one blue slap bang in the middle of the screen and one green at the edge. Dilemma - should I send it back to Komplett and take the chance of another one with more duff pixels or live with it? Funny green one isnt distracting but blue one is dead centre.

Ta again


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Panasonics policy on dead pixels is 0 green, so they (Panasonic) have to take it back, not sure if you will get any joy from Komplett, they seem to be less than accomodating when returning projectors.


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I've mentioned this before but the problem with dead pixels is that although you might be willing to live with it, it will cause problems for you once you try and sell it later on to upgrade. The most popular question on auction sites (in our area anyway) regarding second hand projectors is whether it has any dead/stuck pixels (and if so, it effects the price of course). As consumers we should take a united stand against dead/stuck pixels anyway!

I had a 300 with 1 dead green pixel. I sent it staight back. I would send it back until I was completely saticfied whether its from Komplett or not. They have to replace it with a dead green pixel. Check out there own DVD forum it contains threads on the matter.



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Personally I dont understand what the problem is.. I have 1 deed pixel on my 300 ... Actually its not really dead, just malfunctions every now and then.

Its the nature of LCD technology that at some point I will get a dead pixel , I also have an LCD monitor, which also has one dead pixel , I also have a work laptop .. that .. you guessed it .. has one dead pixel ... .

If I sent my 300 off now , I will more than likely get another unit , which in a months time will have a dead pixel ... In other words I will end up sending PJ's back more than I actually use one .. .

I cant even see mine from the viewing disstance, so until I get a few more , or until I have used my PJ sufficently to send it back (lets say 11 months or so !) , then I dont see the point ...

Its like the two horizontal lines that appear on every Sony TV made in the last ten years (trust me , they are there) ... I cant see them , but if I replaced my TV , it would be the same ...

Dead Pixels are a 'design feature', live with it ...


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Say what ????

A "Design feature" must be joking !

What about those with NO dead pixels ???? And -Yes- they are out there !

I'd send it back until i get one that's 100%



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I bought my AE300 last week from Nexnix with dead pixel / dust blob check. I paid the extra for the piece of mind.

Anyhow on the red service screen it has a black dot on the red background screen at the bottom right of the picture. I presume this is a dead pixel? Also there is a small dust blob top right of picture which is only visible on dark grey scenes or when the credits come up. Neither distracts me at all. To be honest the dead pixel is unnoticable while watch a film.

I personally would never buy a projector from the likes of Komplett as their customer services leave a lot to be desired (my personal opinion due to a bad experience with them). The good thing about Nexnix is their after sales service if a problem arises.

Enjoy you projector.


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As I said before the green one doesn't bother me at all but the blue one is a real pain - dont think I could live with it. Just contacted komplett and waiting for their reply. Do I have to pay postage to return this as its faulty goods?

I think learning to live with dead pixels is a cop out, you wouldnt keep a new car if there was a scratch on it....time manufacturers wised up on this.


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All im saying is that the very nature of LCD technology is that , at some point , unless you are very lucky, you will get a dead pixel, its that simple. Every piece of LCD technology I have ever owned , has sufferered from this at some point ...

I just want to enjoy my projector , I dont want to be constantly sending off for a replacement because of 1 dead pixel out of nearly half a million ....

When it comes down to it, I have 1 year warranty on my PJ, if after 11 months of use , I decide that 2 dead pixels is annoying me , then fine I will send it off for replacment, knowing full well that will then last me another year ...

While your waiting for your PJ's to be replaced ... I will be (happily) using mine.


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Originally posted by celtic13
Do I have to pay postage to return this as its faulty goods?
I only used them once for varous PC bits. One of the items was faulty so I returned it for a refund. They did not refund my postage. On one of the forums I complained of this and one of their reps posted a snotty reply which was very unprofessional about it not being their policy to refund postage. This policy may have changed now but it is not worth the hassle trying to get them to refund your postage. Maybe you could ask them if they will arrange for the item picking up at their expense. Both Simply and Insight offer to do this. (Just a thought.)

My advice would be that if you are unhappy with the dead pixel then return it as it will bug you forever (1 green = non acceptable) so they dont have a leg to stand on.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


Originally posted by originalbadboy
All im saying is that the very nature of LCD technology is that , at some point , unless you are very lucky, you will get a dead pixel, its that simple.
Rubbish :eek:

Pixels very rarely fail in service. 99.99% of defective pixels are this way from the manufacturing process.

I've owner LCD devices (5 or 6) for the last 4/5 years & not one has "developed" a pixel fault in this time.


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This time i agree with KRAMER ( Can this be ????:confused: )

Stuck Pixels cannot just develop !!! It's origin is at manufacturing stage.:smashin:



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Well I must be the unluckiest guy in the universe then ...

I've had about 4 or 5 work laptops over the years ... all had at least one dead pixel ....

I've had 2 LCD monitors in the last couple of years .. again both at some point have developed a dead pixel ...

I have seen numerious other displays over the years , again a high percentage of them have had at least one dead pixel ...

*** ... even the screen I am using at the moment has a dead pixel! ...

Why is it a problem with the manufauturing process ?? .... LCD's are just three transisitors for Red Gren and Blue for each pixel ... if one of them blows (and thats not rare) ... = dead pixel ....

I suppose it just comes down to personal preference ...

The pixel on my 300 isnt faulty ... well not fully anyway .. sometimes its stuck on blue ... but I dont notice it at all ...

Maybe in 10 months or so I will send it under warranty ... I might get a new bulb for free then .........


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My wife's laptop have a red pixel, if i bend the screen ever so slightly it disappears, so it might be some sort of bad contact somewhere.....

I think manufacturers just need better quality control....

If only LCD can be replaced with some other technology not prone to this problem:lesson:


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Of course ... if we are talking about a brand new machine , straight out of the box .. then yes , thats a different story ... If I had a dead pixel straight out of the box , then I would have sent mine back ...

But hey , ... while its still in warranty , I may as well use it , and enjoy it , then send it back later ....

Besides ... If I dont have a projector, then I cant watch DVD's , Play Xbox , Play Gamecube , or Play Battlefield 1942 ...

Life just wouldnt be worth living .....

Lets get this straight you would send your pj back after 11months and be without it until its replacement arrived. But you wouldn`t send it back whilst relatively new and proberly easier to get an exchange?

In both scenarios you are without a pj for a short period of time!

I dont get it.


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Yep, originalbb, you obviously are unlucky. Somewhat like Kramer, I have:

an LCD monitor on my PC (2 years old)
a 15 inch LCD TV (1.5 years old)
a 22inch LCD TV (a few weeks old)
a portable DVD player with a 5 inch LCD screen
an LCD projector, 3+ years old

I used to have an LCD RPTV; my brother-in-law now has it (6 years old).

None of these devices has ever 'developed' a bad pixel. The projector has always had one - it's invisible in normal use.


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its not even a problem ..... so there is no point in sending it back ..... its that simple

Also i have worked for a computer company for over 5 years, and during that time , i have looked after all the company laptops , and i also used to repair laptops every day for about a year .....

In my experience i would say that at least 40 to 50 percent of the laptops i saw in that time have had dead pixels ....

Im more surprised if i see an lcd screen without one ... Im just too used to seeing them i suppose ....

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