Dead pixels on my Samsung TV and flashing blue lights


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Hi i have an older 40 inch Samsung flatscreen lcd tv. Last year it had a few dead pixels show up and since than they have expanded across the width of the bottom of the tv. They are now big round black circles with lines between them, and they seem to continue to expand. Lately we keep seeing random flashes of blue light near the tv and i couldn’t figure out where it’s coming from it seemed like a flash from lightning and the room is surrounded by windows. But last night at 2:00am i was watching tv and the tv lit up with super bright small blue lights. It lasted 30 seconds i didn’t know it was from my tv at first i thought it was coming from my window but i’m on 4th floor so it would be impossible for someone to shine lights in, i noticed the dead pixels had changed abit they were black now they have green dots inside them and a yellow glow around them and it was in the location i saw these blue lights. Does anyone know what’s going on with this tv i hope it’s safe to use and not a safety hazard. I am clueless about tvs any advise would be great, should i just replace the tv? It’s old i bought it in 2010 the model number is LN40C530F1F if that helps

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