Dead Pixels on DLP or other problems?


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Having lost patience with LCD technology, I am researching my best option for a replacement (sub £8000) 16:9 projector.

I'm (err ... my wife) is not convinced with CRT, so I guess I'm looking at DLP.

My initial thoughts are either the Sharp 9000 or the Sim2 HT300, however I was wondering if there was any hidden problems with DLP technology (apart from rainbow) that are a big issue?

Is it possible to get either dead pixels (suppose its a mirror?) with DLP or annoying dust particles? It is these two problems that have driven me away from LCD!

Is there any other model I should be considering?



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I've seen several DLP machines, and had 2 for pereiods of over a year, and I have NEVER seen a dead pixel on a dalp machine. I don't know though if their invulnerable. I would have tohought with all that mirror tilting technology, you must get stuck pixels sometimes.

If your budget really is as high as £8000 then the world is your oyster!! Hang fire for a while. The Sharp 9000 is a beautidul machine, but there is an imminent replacement coming soon, the Sharp 10000 which appears to be the same high end machine but with the newer DLP chip. I think there are a couple of other new 'higher' end machines coming soon, and with the advances in brightness and contrast over the last year, I think waiting six months and looking at the newer ones will reward you with being able to choose from some real 'dream' machines.
I will admit that the SIM2 HT 300 will probably still be in the running, even when the newer machines are out.


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Thanks for that, I've actually just been reading about the new Sharp ... wil post another thread for that!

Can I ask what technology/model you use currently?


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Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear of your LCD woes...

I have the HT300 (not +) and am really happy with it. I can't comment on the Sharp as I haven't had the pleasure but here are my thoughts on the Sim2.

Problems - you've mentioned the first and foremost in my mind - rainbows. I did see these on various DLP pj's but so far have not experienced any on the HT300 (owned since May).

Broken mirrors are rare and I've only ever seen one on a Sim2 HT200DM that I was demoing, of course this is covered comprehensively by Sim2's warranty.

Dust isn't an enemy of this pj as it has a sealed optical path, this is a huge positive in my book.

The only other negatives that come to mind are the fan noise which, at around 37db, is quite loud if you are sitting very close to it and finally brightness, which is quite low, so this pj benefits from a light controlled room.

All in all this is a superb projector giving a fantastic film-like picture, great colours, good blacks and stunning looks.

With your budget I'm sure you would be able to get a s/h HT300 now that the HT300+ is on the market and not forgetting HD3 in a year or two you could do a lot worse!

Good luck whatever you decide


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Hello Mark

Can't give you any info about the technical aspects of DLP performance - I'll leave that to the experts.

Was just wondering if you'd looked at the PriceJapan site for a price on the Sharp 9000? I looked the other day following all discussions about buying the new Panasonic projectors from the site. Was quite surprised to see the Sharp 9000 with a price of just over $5000 US for shipping to Europe :cool:

This seems like a major bargain to me, as it's around half the current UK price.

If you haven't already seen it, the link below is a review of the pj from Home Entertainment magazine

There is also a review of the SIM2 HT200DM on the Home Cinema Choice site.

However, having just looked at the resolution specs for the Sharp in comparison with the SIM2 models, it looks as if you'd need to go for the HT300 for a direct comparison on a purely resolution basis.

Anyway, got a bit carried away there! Was only going to pass on the price from PriceJapan!

I'll leave the rest to the projector officianados lurking out there :)


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In response to your question, I use a sharp PG-M20X at the moment, and I believe at the price bracket, nothing touches it, and I do mean nothing. (excpet of course a higher specced s/h machine I s'pose!!)

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