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Bought a 65" 804 (OLED) 1.5 week ago. I watch the odd program on TV but mainly watch movies via my HTPC running Windows.

The other day I noticed that underneath the icons on the taskbar was some kind of black line, to figure out what it was and how to make it go away (if possible) I played with a lot of settings in both the tv and on the HTPC, at some point the problem was indeed gone, but then I noticed it again a little later.

Meanwhile I have figured out what the problem is and what was going on. The TV actually has quite a few dead pixels on the bottom 3 rows of the screen. Since the TV periodically shifts the image up and down (not sure if left and right as well) to prevent burn-in it does NOT show the problem when the shift is at its highest (the entire image shifted 3 pixels up), the rows with the dead pixels are now outside the area used for display. Some time later though the image can have shifted 3 pixels down again, making the problem visible again.

Some photos:



Also 2 videos showing the problem:
Built-in demo
Antenna signal

On one hand I don't care that much about the dead pixels because I mostly use the TV to watch movies that pretty much all have black bars (well, aspect ratio higher than that of TV) above and below anyway, never showing the dead pixels. On the other hand I paid good money for the TV and it's bloody annoying when I am not watching a movie but doing something on the Windows desktop and then see all those black pixels on the bottom of the screen.

What do the good people here think? Am I being too critical and just accept these dead pixels (that in total appear at about 1/4 of the width of the screen) or am I right in sending the TV back and get either a refund or a new copy (that's my current plan)?

Does anyone else have this very problem? This shouldn't happen with a brand new TV, right?

Just to be absolutely clear: the dead pixels are there when watching HTPC via HDMI, they are there when I watch the built-in demo and they are there when watching a program via antenna. The pixels really are dead, it's not the signal. The problem can't be burn-in as I've only had the TV for just over a week and mainly watched a few movies on them.

Just really curious what others think and if I'm unique with this problem.


Edit: changed AMOLED to OLED
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Return the tv and get a replacement. If there is that many dead pixels it could be a sign of a faulty panel that will get worse over time, that and like you say you paid for a functional tv.


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It would bother me and there’s more than enough dead pixels for there to be no arguments about replacing/repairing, definitely worth doing!


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You should return.
But: is it 804 (3 years old model)?
And AMOLED? There are no AMOLED Tvs, only phones.


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You should return.
But: is it 804 (3 years old model)?
And AMOLED? There are no AMOLED Tvs, only phones.
You are absolutely right. It's OLED, not AMOLED. My mistake, new to these OLED panels.

I have returned the TV (to the shop) but unfortunately Phillips / TP Vision want to examine the tv themselves, which will take up to 25 working days. sigh Now watching on an old 40" LED until investigation is done and they decide what will happen.


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I would like to give an update.

I have returned the TV to the store where I bought it. Was told it would be shipped back to the vendor who would take a look at it which could take up to 25 working days. If vendor deemed my complaints were justified I would get a refund or new tv.

After 7 weeks I indeed finally got a new tv, which stupidly enough was sent from the store's main office over 1000km away instead of from their local store which still had them in stock, making it more expensive for them and a longer wait for me.

When I first had the new tv going I checked it for errors and....... this one had the VERY SAME problems! Same place (bottom left-center of the screeen).


So I immediately emailed the store again, told them the newest tv still had the same issue. I was told I could get an immedaite full refund or discount if I decided to keeep it. I looked on the shop's website and noticed there was a winter special on this weekend (I live on the Southern hemisphere) and the tv was now selling for $300 (USD) less.

I decided to go for a full refund so brought back the (2nd) tv yesterday and after I had returned it bought myself yet another one, the third one. My reason: I doubted I could be unlucky 3 times in a row, and if I was then at least it would have been for $300 less.

When I got home with the 3rd copy of the tv I installed it, switched it on, checked the left bottom of the screen: NO dead pixels!!! Woot! Woot!

I was so happy. $300 gained and no more dead pixels!

That was until I discovered some dead pixels on the TOP row this time.

The dead pixels on the top row however are not as pronounced as the big blobs in the picture above of the 2nd copy. Especially when watching movies (the tv's main purpose) that prety much all have some black bars above and below anyway those dead pixels are a non-issue. When watching full screen TV it is still noticable though, if you look for it.

I've decided to keep the 3rd copy. The alternative would be an LED (so non-OLED) tv and I really like the true blacks of this OLED, or an OLED from the likes of LG but they are twice the price.

It is however absolutely SHOCKING that Philips has such bad panels and seemingly non-existent quality control.

And it wasn't just a bad batch that made their way to where I live, I found this post of someone with the exact same problem.

So just a stern warning to anyone considering buying a 65" Philips OLED 804: EXPECT DEAD PIXELS near top or bottom rows !!! Decide for yourself if the low price (compare to LG etc) is worth it. I can just tolerate the few dead ones on my third copy.

And Philips/TP Vision, if you would ever read this: UP YOUR GAME, YOUR PANELS ARE A DISGRACE.

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