Dead Pixels...Does Moma believe this..?? Long!


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Nov 29, 2001
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Ok here goes first of all it's 1.17am and I have been drinking Stolly all night so I'm ****ed, my home cinema is nearly complete, I have been working on it for months, 6 weeks ago I bought a Sony VPL11HT and have been projecting onto a magnolia wall while I build my MDF screen, The whole project is nearing completion and I guess I'll have to find something else to do at weekends.....anyway today I installed my MDF screen on to the wall (icestorm 5) ****e I could not believe how many times I had to paint it (Seven) I rubbed down each coat with wet and dry but no matter how care full i was I kept getting streaks, anyway after installing the screen I thought it would be a good idea to line it all up with the test pattern, so I switched it on, guess what right in the middle of the screen TWO BRIGHT GREEN DEAD PIXELS, F(*&^k Me !!!I cannot believe this BAS&^ard, any way after the realisation had set in that I was probably gona have to live with this, even though my PJ has only 20hours on it, i thought I would switch the PJ off, 10 mins later I switch it on guess what NO DEAD PIXELS so it looks like DEAD PIXELS sometimes revive can this be true??

lastly the difference between magnolia wall and Icestorm 5 was staggering, and I'm still on a composite feed ( awaiting working RGB to component converter from Keene) will be upgrading shortly to the new sony 875 DVD progressive and VA55ES amp

so all is not lost when you have a dead pixel
Re streaks - must admit I still had some on my screen, but they were only visible with your nose right up against, and when looking at an angle towards some light, so :blush: I left them :blush:
Must admit I can't see them at all when viewing films, even if I'm v close to the screen....
Nobber I'll think you'll find that it's not dead pixels but stuck dust.

Do a search on these boards there's loads on it!
Ok well thats great news.....if stuck dust is the exact size of a pixel and it turns bright green then great, I'm sorry but it doesn't sound right....but maybe you are ;-)

Originally posted by MATT JENNER
it is a risk you take with lcd, and the sad thing is manufaturers will not cover anything less than 60% dead pixels.

Hence why i went crt.

Stop talking absolute rubbish, not only are you intent on annoying the CRT enthusiasts but you intend on trolling this forum too.
Originally posted by MATT JENNER
even one of the magazines i think it was home enterntainment did a review on the lcd and said that unless 99% were wrong manufacturers do not change them.

Are you on K-Pax?

99% = no picture (assuming dead pixels) or red, green or blue screen (assuming all stuck open), or a mixture.

Then you follow with this:

Originally posted by MATT JENNER
in fact from Sony Espon and Nec anything below 9 pixels is considerd normal lcd nature
i do not intend to cause irritance i just repeat what i was told.

If you've got nothing useful (this drivel ISN'T useful), then don't..........................

I suppose you got lucky with your CRT & have no pixels problems with it :D :D :D
Originally posted by MATT JENNER
... manufaturers will not cover anything less than 60% dead pixels.

Wow, a projector with 15 pixels. (60% = 9 pixels therefore 100% = 15 pixels) That must look amazing. Must get me one of those. Do you notice any blockiness at all or does the scaler sort that out? :D
Just dropped into this thread and cannot believe the utter 5hite that is being spoken about lcd's and dead pixels. As for manufacturers not covering 60% or 99% (or whatever the number is this week) failure rates, what a load of ********. On my 11 HT there are three lcd panels with 750,000 pixels on each panel, thats a combined total of two and a quarter million pixels maths fans. I bought the PJ with two green pixels side by side just outside the hot zone and got the PJ changed the next day. 'nuff said.
Actually the VW11HT has a native resolution of 1366x768 pixels per panel which equates to 1049088 x 3 = 3147264.

Even better than you thought :D

There is a lot of "tense" peps out there, still I agree most of the postings are BOLL&*^K

back to my point/question

2 bright green apparently "dead pixels" I still can not get my head around the fact they could be dust.....

any way i don't give a Flying F they have gone now HA!

just making an observation and wondered if anyone else had any experience of this

thanks for the amusing posts!!!

Originally posted by Messiah
Actually the VW11HT has a native resolution of 1366x768 pixels per panel which equates to 1049088 x 3 = 3147264.

Even better than you thought :D

Spot on. I'm guilty of talking b0ll0x myself.

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