Dead Pixel - Very Interesting Scenario


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I have owned a Toshiba 32WL48 that is 2 years into a 5 year John Lewis guarantee that has just dropped a single pixel. The strange thing is that you can only see this fault against a blue or purple background - the fault itself looks like a little cross. I am wondering if JL will honour their promise for only one dead pixel. Also, what do I go for as a replacement, a 32WL66 or 32WLT66? Any thoughts please would really set my mind at rest.


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I doubt it. Most manufacturers have a dead-pixel policy. Toshiba states in my WLT66 manual that:

"The LCD display panels are manufactured using an
extremely high level of precision technology, however
sometimes some parts of the screen may be missing picture
elements or have luminous spots. This is not a sign of a

If you whinge lound enough to JL and the dead pixel(s) are in a prominent enough position they may do something though. Anything is worth a shot...


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Thanx BadgerX

Does your TV have any dead pixels at the moment. My TV was perfect when I got it 2 years ago. If JL do replace it, it will have to be with the 32WL(T)66 I suppose as the 32WL48 is no longer in production.
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