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I've just returned from hols. My PC was working well when I left. Now, when I try to switch it on, I get nothing. Nothing on screen, no noises no fans no lights. I've tried a new power cable and a new socket to no avail. I'm sure power is getting to it (other components are powered around it) but nothing happens.

This could be the PSU and I will try another when I can. However, could it be something else? What would I get if the motherboard or the CPU was fried? I presume I would still get fans to come on would I?

On another tack, does anyone know where I can buy a customised water cooled PC in the UK?




Sounds like a dead PSU. Just don't buy one of those cheap QTec or whatever from Maplins to replace it, get a good make. May cost you but it'll save you problems in the future.

If the CPU is fried I think you would still expect fans in the case to come on.

Not sure if AlienPC (or whatever they're called) do watercooled stuff?


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Well I replaced the PSU and it now powers up. Unfortunately thats all it does. I get lights and fans on but nothing else. Nothing whatsoever on screen and no beeps. I hear the drives powering up but no evidence that it is going through the BIOS. Also, it will not switch off as it normally would if say the video card was not working. I have to pull the plug.

I'll try new RAM but I feel it is the CPU or motherboard. If the CPU or RAM is blown, would I get anything on screen?

BTW, I can't find AlienPC. Anyone else know who might do water cooled PCs in the UK?



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I have an AGP graphics card, an ATI Radeon (X800 I think). Fans on it are working too.


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souds like a dead CPU :(

It could be the RAM just as easily, but it's more often than not the CPU that bites the dust when your PSU fails.


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Unplug everything and reseat everything including CPU. Can you now get into BIOS? ... Check all settings and lower cpu timings and see if you can get some life out of the processor .

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