Dead Pace Digibox ?

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My Pace Sky Digibox ( bog standard ie. not Sky+ or HD :) seems to have died on my . The red LED power light comes on but none of my two Sky remotes will get it to turn on. Nor does pressing the power button on the unit itself. I have replaced the batteries in both remotes amnd both seem to be working because the red LED on the remote flashes with every key press. Is my Pace dead or is it something simple like an internal fuse??

If its dead, where can I get anothe rbox preferably brand new? Its not covered through Sky because its part of a communal council system who provided the wiring install but not not the digiboxes. Surely brand new digiboxes are still available as not everyone wants ( or can have ) Sky+ or Sky HD?

Thanks for any useful replies.

Tony p

Chris Muriel

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The best place for your post is in the dedicated Sky forum.
You could try unplugging the box from the mains for an hour (so it cools right down) and a restart.

Chris Muriel, Manchester
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