Dead or Alive 5 - how the hell do you play this ???


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Oct 4, 2001
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Hi all

Downloaded DoA 5 from thr PSN+ network, and I get whupped every time. My stats are something like 37 losses, 6 wins when attepting single fight games.

By default I am paired against the girl top right - who seems to take great delight in spanking me silly. I have been through all the fighters, and only taken a handful of games off her.

Thinking this must be to do with that characters stats, I selected one which seemed quite poor (the marine looking bloke), and he spanked me too.

All seems a little random to me, althoguh I did go online last night - and got spanked by somebody playing on a PS Vita...

What am I doing wrong (and it's not being distracted by the sights - before anyone asks) ?..
Have you played through the story mode? doing the bonus missions in that serve as a tutorial of sorts.

there is a rock-paper-scissors system on this game
Block beats Strike
Strike beats Throw
Throw beats Block

and if you just mash buttons, the AI will melt your face.
I suggest choosing a character and first working out which button blocks (seems to be different for each character), then learn some 'special' moves and move on from there.

Alternatively, just keep your distance when you can and choose a chick with long legs!
Haha, twitch based fighters, love them.

DOA, Virtua Fighter, and to some extent, Tekken's.

Learn the moves, learn how to play this type of fighter, then you won't get whipped as much.

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